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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Jul 14, 2009 18:21 Flag

    Show me the money

    Firstly, don't be surprised if this is actually Fergie mind games. I still expected Utd to sign a fit and proven goal scorer.

    This is simply cos Fergie understands balance within a team. Man U have an imbalance. Defensively excellent from the keepers, to the defence, through to the defensive midfielders.

    However, in the attacking third there are big doubts, Berba and Owen are slow. Giggs and Scholes bit part players. Nani, Valencia, Park, Fletcher, Carrick, Anderson few goals. Wellbeck and Macheda work in progress and no guarantees they will make it.

    So one hell of a lot of pressure on Gooney. If you don't buy now, you may pay more come new year especially, if it is clear you are desperate for a striker by then.