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  • DIMITRI K DIMITRI K Jul 15, 2009 00:38 Flag

    Tevez = Traitor!

    I can wait to boooooooo him on Sep. 20 !! Who's with me? Come on you REDS!!

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    • Tevez was only thinking about his family.
      Nearly everyone else wouldve done the same with the silly amounts being thrown around.
      I wouldve to.
      Blame Tevez's FORMER owner whos name I wont speak.
      That tosser has no right being in football.
      UEFA and FIFA did bugger all about it and they say todays game is above board and not bent?
      Yeah, and Im gonna go find me a nice Bootle girl and settle down (no offence to S.M.).
      Like that'll ever happen.

      Not Tevez fault.
      I for one will NOT be giving Tevez a hard time.
      But dont get me started on that arsehole Owen, spits.
      Fergie should never have signed that ex red Scouser.
      Fergie doesnt give a damn about us fans.

      Thanks forreading my babble.
      Im only saying what a ton of you lot are thinking.

      One religion, ONE UNITED

    • He isn't a traitor. I would feel pretty angry too about last season, given the fact that he started off as our most in form striker (in terms of his general play and linking with team mates) and was then inexplicably shunted to the side for an out of form Rooney. He may have played a lot of minutes last season but there was no continuity to his time on the pitch and hence he didn't get a chance to produce. He proved his worth in 2007-2008, scoring more goals than Rooney, who gets a free ride whenever he performs poorly.