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  • Most footballers in the Premiership are in it for the money you complete and utter twonk! HAHAHA What a spaz you are!

    I'm with Tevez all the way there, and it's a good career move for him since Manchester City are a club with huge ambition, just look at the squad getting built there, it has more quality and depth than manUre could ever hope to have, and it's pretty obvious that you're jealous as feck over it! HAHAHAHA

    I love it how Fergie told more LIES about ringing and texting Tevez, just for Tevez to turn around and say, "Nope, no Fergie didn't do that!"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Old blue nose telling MORE lies, a bit like when he said he wouldn't sell Real Madrid a virus, and only a few months and £80 million quid later Ronaldo is off to Spain like a shot!!! ;o) HAHAHAHA

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