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  • People were queuing up here from last night to get tickets for the second match. Because we didn't have tickets for the Jakarta game we have to buy them from the stadium. They are only selling a certain number today, and the rest tomorrow, I don't see the point of that.

    By the time we turned up this morning there were tens of thousands of people after tickets. The police wouldn't let us jump the queue until we convinced them we had friends near the front and we had to give them the money to buy the tickets. We found two guys in United shirts who spoke English and paid for their tickets in return for getting ours.

    So now we have them, not as good seats as the first game, but who cares. We also have two new friends, the guys who got the tickets, who are gonna show us over Kuala Lumpur after lunch.

    The first game was like a practice match for the most part, it was stifling hot and humid, we drank about a gallon of water each, so it must have been murder for the players.

    I was pleased for Nani, he had a good game, although the goal was nothing special.

    The crowd roared as loud for United's goals as they did for their own, the atmosphere was brilliant. The stadium looked much bigger than OT, and the capacity was cut to 80,000 from 100,000.

    I'm really pissed off with United pulling out of the Jakarta match, apart from losing the money from the air fares. Giving in to these arseholes means they win. They should have played the game in solidarity with the Indonesian people, and left a message for the terrorists that we won't be intimidated. Pulling out was the cowards way, the sort of thing you expect from the yanks, not the British.

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      Hey Botch, do you write fictional novels or something because this sounds like complete and utter "jackanory tell us a story".

      This made me laugh especially "The crowd roared as loud for United's goals as they did for their own, the atmosphere was brilliant"

      What a load of cobblers Botch, you live in waltermitty land and continually talk tripe!


      Tell you what, go sit in your chair, unwrap another Bounty bar, take a bite and pretend you're living in Paradise...again!!!


      Chinned Lee Bowyer lately? HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • You know butch you were either...

      1) not at the game


      2) were sad enough to bring your laptop on holiday

      because you posted on the day of the game...so plz stop pretending you were there...

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      • Well for a start, you spamming little tart, I'm not on holiday. Only cretins like you have 'holidays', 50 weeks on the dole, then two weeks at the seaside with your travel voucher.

        And of course I have my laptop with me, why wouldn't I, it has all my business on here, and all my contacts, it's also the way I keep in touch, and make most of my phone calls with VOIP.

        Stick to your sad little life spam monkey, don't try to understand the world we jetsetters travel in, it's beyond your comprehension.

        You're beginning to sound as bitter and jealous as the chicken sepp, who can't even wait for his new arsehole to bed itself in before he gets ripped a new one..

    • a bit jealous (OK, a LOT jealous). Enjoy the games tho - will do the same next time United come to North America.

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      • Hahaha, what a hilarious thread.

        Typical that a Yank and Canuck plastic are the only ones buying this bulls.hit from the fantasist moron™ who "chinned Lee Bowyer" but "wasn't there".

        Of course, as with all PROVEN liars, they trip over their own forked tongues™ with classic posts like this...

        Re: -32 2-Jun-09 01:26 PM I

        I'm not in Cairns Chris, I'm in Jakarta doing a bit of business, got here a few days ago from the Gili Islands, off to Sumatra in a couple of days...

        and then follow it up with this

        Got it! 18th July, Kuala Lumpur. 18-Jun-09 09:52 AM

        We're gonna try to get tickets for the Jakarta match too, on the 20th, but they're sold out, so may have to fly down there and buy from touts.

        Whoops.. so he was IN Jakarta ahead of the game on the 2nd where tickets were readily available. BUT then he has to fly there on the 18th to get them from a tout. hahahahaha

        squirm squirm

        Too fcuking easy. Loser.

    • Bit harsh that, Fergie--you hammering me and Butch like that. All I can say in our defence is---how would you like your eggs.
      Spitting feathers out---H.

    • you gotta laugh at these dreamers. chicken has been bullshittin his way across these forums for what five fucking years? no one believes a word the cnut saids. the nearest he is to asia is the world foods isle at somerfield. as for this hegarthy he's another pillow biter with no life. they ain't united and that's all that matters in the grand scheme.

    • alan, do you know that an 'offence is committed when a person acts or embarks upon a course of conduct which has a tendency to and is intended to pervert the course of public justice'? (R v. Vreones 1891 1 QB 360).

    • alan, do you know that an 'offence is committed when a person acts or embarks upon a course of conduct which has a tendency to and is intended to pervert the course of public justice'? (R v. Vreones 1891 1 QB 360).

    • Good post except for two things:

      1. Nani's goal. Although the finish was nothing special, I did think the through ball from Rooney was extremely good.

      2. I can understand you wanted to see them in Jakarta and that it's cost you for the flights but I'd much rather have the United team defend their title next season than another disaster date to commemorate.

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      • Yes, I wasn't referring to the goal overall, just Nani's part, I meant to say he didn't do anything spectacular, just a tap in.

        I've been to many places where there have been terrorist attacks, I was in Bali soon after the 2002 attack, and recently stayed next door to where the bombs exploded.

        I was in Thailand in 2004 and 2006 when bombs were going off.

        I was in Delhi in 1986 (?) when a bomb went off across the road at an American bank.

        Did people stay away from London in 2005?

        The people have to carry on as usual, they don't get the option of staying away, in fact they make a point of carrying on as normal.

        I was willing to travel to Jakarta, along with thousands of others, the Indonesians would have flocked to the stadium, 100,000 of them, playing the game would have been huge, taking the coward's way out sends the wrong message.

        And as it turned out, the chief suspect for the Jakarta blasts is Malaysian.

        BTW, the air fares are nothing, under US$100.