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    The same Liverpool?

    After the arrest of Steven Gerrard and 6 others after a fracas in a pub in Southport -the victim required(and still needs) police protection from death threats from Liverpool supporters.
    Are these the same Liverpool supporters to made death threats to a Steven Gerrard a couple of years ago when his name was mentioned in transfer talk to Chelsea??

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    • this guy is a nobody who thinks he,s somebody, take it from me theres been NO death threats, he,s out to make a buck out of all this , or don,t you lot have the brain to work it out , get real

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      • On Friday Liverpool Crown Court found Marcus McGee guilty of attacking and causing grevious bodily harm to a group of 7 men which included Liverpool & England captain Steven Gerrard.
        Mr Gerrard was with the group of men who are upstanding figures in Liverpool’s gangster community who were quietly collecting protection racket dues in the Lounge Bar Stockport when the atrocious attack took place.

        In response to the perfectly reasonable question of ”Do you know who I am?” from Mr Gerrard, McGee replied “No”. He then went to throw his face against the elbow of one of the group a Mr Scouse McScab then he continued his attack by bending right forward and hitting his face at least 3 times on the fist of Mr Gerrard right hand just at the moment it happened to be swinging upwards from the floor. Mr Gerrard and his entourage were only spared further violence when the assailant McGee lay unconscious on the floor.
        The group were quickly led to the adjoining Snug Bar where they were given copious amounts of Bacardi to help calm their nerves and help them overcome their ordeal

        The judge handing down to Mc Gee a sentence of public flogging followed by stoning which will take place outside Lime Street Station on Tuesday morning (Tickets at Box Office. Liv. Co.UK).

        Summing up Mr Justice Nerdworthy said this was one of the most despicable acts of violence I have witnessed against some of the most respectable, upstanding and virtuous people in Liverpool. And I will be delighted to accept 4 season tickets , 2 signed match balls and 2 home team shirts from Steven errhm.. Mr Gerrard in his gratitude for clearing up this matter. Also ,it should be noted also that within the next 14 days the bank account’s of Mr Gerrard's six companions will be credited with five figure amounts from an anonymous donor to help them overcome the trauma they suffered at the hands of B %%$g F*5@!!# C*&&*% McGhee!!!!

      • so how come the police confirmed that mcghee was on police protedtion. or does that mean they were just autograph hunting

    • it was the same steve gerrard that was pooping his pants from a bloke who was terrorising him, and stevie baby grassed him up, wait till he gets out eh......pmsl

    • and how exactly would you suggest we find out the answer to that one ?

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      • By asking if this is the kind of mob rule that can apply in a modern English city condoned by Liverpool Football Club.
        Is anyone safe? ... and what happens if Gerrard asked for a transfer in the future , much as I doubt that would happen as he said that he feared for the safety of his family -- what does this say about Mersyside?