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  • The Levy The Levy Jul 29, 2009 15:20 Flag

    City squad BETTER than United™

    When Sheik Mansour bought City, you came on here at the start of last season saying pretty much the same thing as you are saying now. While the likes of me and Lester and others were saying that City would have their usual mid-table finish, which they duly did. So you were wrong then, and although City will probably improve this season, it is hard to see them finishing higher than fifth. BTW - they don't call it Sky Blue anymore; apparently it is Lazer Blue.

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    • Absolute two-faced LYING bollox from you as usual Hoodie John the Failure™ .

      I actually said, as i recall, that Citeh would be a force THIS season when Sparkey got to bring in his type of players and the club was stabilised and i am now dilligently PROVING that point to be true, as the awe-inspiring new additions at Middle Eastlands clearly show.

      As you well know John - the LAZER BLUES are now the talk of Manc-chester in every part of the 'Citeh' these days, with the Tevez billboard being a particular favourite of mine.

      What gets me hoodie is that your WHOLE FAMILY are Citeh supporters, yet as usual, blacksheep John the two-faced cnut has to be a pseudo-rebel and support United.

      However, true to form, even that's a CONTRADICTION because here you are a proud FC supporter......... with not one good word to say about the Newton Heath boys™

      Next you'll be telling us you hate scousers, even though your MOTHER IN LAW is one which means your own much-put-upon missus has scouse blood running through her varicose veins too! Hahahaha


    • levy, I can feel your green eyes

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      • being fair tevez, at the moment we have nothing to be envious about, that comes from city fans at the mo, not ours, as we are the champions, i can assure you that should you become champions, we will be envious be it you, liverpool, chelsea or anyone else, but we are not envious of your squad as no ball has yet been kicked in the prem league, and until you can finish in a higher position, the envy will be with you lot, just like the other 18 teams in the league.