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    City squad BETTER than United™

    Following the superb signings of Carlos 'the jackal' Tevez and Emanuel ‘the poacher’ Adebayor over at Middle Eastlands™, I was looking (in awe) at the current Citeh squad today and all I can say is... Wow!

    It immediately dawned on me that this new EPL financial POWERHOUSE™ led by ex-Man Ure legend Mark Hughes has assembled a BETTER squad this off season than cross city rivals United have left at their skinflint disposal following the HUMILIATING exit of Cristiano Ronaldo, along with Tevez, Campbell and Eckersley.

    Here are the true FACTS - read it and WEEP plastic Mancs™

    Man Ure strikers...
    Gooney (if he even gets off left wing)
    Berba (sold a pup™) "He's sh.it" - Ronaldo
    Owen (stretcherrr)
    Macheda (one goal wonder)
    Welbeck (powderpuff CC player)

    Citeh strikers from...
    Robinho (worldclass Brazilian)
    Santa Cruz (proven EPL quality at only 17 mill)
    Tevez (proven quality.. at WHU and looking for revenge)
    Adebayor (proven top EPL scorer)
    Bojinov (underrated quality)
    Benjani (proven EPL scorer)
    Bellamy (proven EPL quality - ex LFC!)

    Add to this quality MIDFIELD marvels like BARRY, IRELAND, ELANO, PETROV, SWP and young Michael Johnson and Citeh p*ss all over aging, second-rate Man U (Park, Anderson, Scholes, O'Shyte anyone? thought not)

    With seasoned defenders such as Bridge (title winner), Dunne, Ben Haim and Micah Richards in the mix, a potential worldclass holding player in KOMPANY and brilliant veteran goalie SHAY GIVEN, plus the two best young keepers in the game, future ENGLAND NUMBER ONE Joe Hart and Kasper Schmeichel (son of City legend Peter), it's plain to SEE for all those with an unbiased brain that the future of Manchester is most certainly blue... SKY BLUE.

    Idiots, plastics and losers ---- City are already BETTER than United this off season and with the city of Manc-chester already swamped in BLUE, i fully expect them to usurp Man Ure as a top four club. As do YOU scared little plastic sheep, and you damn well know it.


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    • You are ™ OBSESSED with UNITED ™

      © ® @ p

    • When Sheik Mansour bought City, you came on here at the start of last season saying pretty much the same thing as you are saying now. While the likes of me and Lester and others were saying that City would have their usual mid-table finish, which they duly did. So you were wrong then, and although City will probably improve this season, it is hard to see them finishing higher than fifth. BTW - they don't call it Sky Blue anymore; apparently it is Lazer Blue.

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      • levy, I can feel your green eyes

      • Absolute two-faced LYING bollox from you as usual Hoodie John the Failure™ .

        I actually said, as i recall, that Citeh would be a force THIS season when Sparkey got to bring in his type of players and the club was stabilised and i am now dilligently PROVING that point to be true, as the awe-inspiring new additions at Middle Eastlands clearly show.

        As you well know John - the LAZER BLUES are now the talk of Manc-chester in every part of the 'Citeh' these days, with the Tevez billboard being a particular favourite of mine.

        What gets me hoodie is that your WHOLE FAMILY are Citeh supporters, yet as usual, blacksheep John the two-faced cnut has to be a pseudo-rebel and support United.

        However, true to form, even that's a CONTRADICTION because here you are a proud FC supporter......... with not one good word to say about the Newton Heath boys™

        Next you'll be telling us you hate scousers, even though your MOTHER IN LAW is one which means your own much-put-upon missus has scouse blood running through her varicose veins too! Hahahaha


    • as for richards johnson onuha and any other youngster are not gonna get a look in any more.
      ben haim the flop would struggle to get in any of the top 10-15 teams bojinov elano caicedo and probably richards johnson bellamy hart will all leave at some point and the season after tevez too when he realises hes not playing every game.

      Believe me when i say i dont envy city at all

      last thing name your team when the 6-4 quota comes in lol which it will

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      • Ahhh I LOVE IT. Another DUMB Man Ure PLASTIC™ talking utter bollox because like red Nose, he is consumed by envy and hatred over the ONLY team EVERYONE is talking about in Manc-Chester… the richest club on the planet, the mighty LAZER BLUES!

        “name your team when the 6-4 quota comes in which it will” squawks the moron Dave C,(unt)

        Not a problem re.tard when you have the following to choose from..

        Joe Hart
        Stuey Taylor
        Micah Richards
        Shaleum Logan… that’s TEN to choose from already fool. hahahaha

        Oh yes, and one of the best academies in the country loaded with young HOMEGROWN talent. No wonder all the Newton Heath mob and their fickle PVC fans are hating every minute of it this summer.

        The future is blue... LAZER BLUE!


    • Oh dear - feeding time at the zoo today i see with two butchy boi ids and the spamming moron 'pasty girl-zer' CLEARLY rattled about Citeh just like Blubbernose, who can't stop whinging about them in fits of jealousy....... It's all so reminiscent of when SVEN came onboard and DESTROYED the Newton Heath w@nkers twice in one season.... LOVE IT!™

      Keep SWEATING and Discussing ladies™


    • Man City are going to end up very embarrassed as will jokers like yourself.
      They will end up empty handed with the team throwing their gold watches at each other and throwing tantrums becaus eit doesn't work..
      My bet is; Seasons winners will be much the same as last year
      1. MU
      2. Arsenal
      3. Liverpool
      4. Chelsea
      5. Aston V

      ...9/.10th Man City

    • FFS, Risker, do you not read what is posted?

      "They criticize my club for producing youth and say its a bad idea and that everybody is unproven ..." - we criticise (note the 's'; are you American then?) the spin that Arsenal fans give because your youth policy doesn't work very well. Just how many have you had progress to your first team in the last 10 years?

    • Ahahahaha - AHAHAHAHA I think i just cracked a rib LAUGHING so hard at this no-life poof. GOOD - put me on ignore like the coward you are Christine. In fact let me help you *click*

      Good fcuking riddance to yet another Man Ure plastic consumed by JEALOUSY and unable to accept the TRUTH that the future of Manchester is SKY BLUE,

      Rubbing further salt into YOUR wounds i can now exclusively reveal that KOLO TOURE is in talks with the richest club in world football and if Citeh get JOLEON LESCOTT into the fold as desired by Sparkey - it's GOODBYE top four to Man Ure!



    • Sorry that should be live in Spain and Portugal, and not the states!

    • 3 league titles in a row 2 champs league finals ina row read and weep mancity muppet . weve seen off chelsea we dont need to see you off your not coming close. 5-6 at best.

      Comparing our team to yours is laughable santa cruz is a dud bellamys a journeyman muppet who no-one likes tevez was keeping our bench warm adabayors lazy and last season toure was wank. Robinhos still the only world class player youve got and thats only when its sunny.

      All man utd have lost is a reserve striker and a player who thought he was bigger than the club and both have been replaced by Owen (500 plus games so cant be that injury prone and goals record speaks for itsself) and valencia quality winger who was also a real madrid target. also quality cover in all departments.

      Wonder what city fans will be singing come the end of the season its gonna be hillarious your clubs a joke.

    • great post as ever devon, from someone with a real knowledge of the gamerather than some tormented youngster who cant get on with their life.
      if that is this incredible forward line city have, then arsenal and liverpool should still get 3rd and 4th after all, it will be us and chelsea again this season, the 1 season wonders (who still won nothing) will be back to the "always next year theme.

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