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    City squad BETTER than United™

    Following the superb signings of Carlos 'the jackal' Tevez and Emanuel ‘the poacher’ Adebayor over at Middle Eastlands™, I was looking (in awe) at the current Citeh squad today and all I can say is... Wow!

    It immediately dawned on me that this new EPL financial POWERHOUSE™ led by ex-Man Ure legend Mark Hughes has assembled a BETTER squad this off season than cross city rivals United have left at their skinflint disposal following the HUMILIATING exit of Cristiano Ronaldo, along with Tevez, Campbell and Eckersley.

    Here are the true FACTS - read it and WEEP plastic Mancs™

    Man Ure strikers...
    Gooney (if he even gets off left wing)
    Berba (sold a pup™) "He's sh.it" - Ronaldo
    Owen (stretcherrr)
    Macheda (one goal wonder)
    Welbeck (powderpuff CC player)

    Citeh strikers from...
    Robinho (worldclass Brazilian)
    Santa Cruz (proven EPL quality at only 17 mill)
    Tevez (proven quality.. at WHU and looking for revenge)
    Adebayor (proven top EPL scorer)
    Bojinov (underrated quality)
    Benjani (proven EPL scorer)
    Bellamy (proven EPL quality - ex LFC!)

    Add to this quality MIDFIELD marvels like BARRY, IRELAND, ELANO, PETROV, SWP and young Michael Johnson and Citeh p*ss all over aging, second-rate Man U (Park, Anderson, Scholes, O'Shyte anyone? thought not)

    With seasoned defenders such as Bridge (title winner), Dunne, Ben Haim and Micah Richards in the mix, a potential worldclass holding player in KOMPANY and brilliant veteran goalie SHAY GIVEN, plus the two best young keepers in the game, future ENGLAND NUMBER ONE Joe Hart and Kasper Schmeichel (son of City legend Peter), it's plain to SEE for all those with an unbiased brain that the future of Manchester is most certainly blue... SKY BLUE.

    Idiots, plastics and losers ---- City are already BETTER than United this off season and with the city of Manc-chester already swamped in BLUE, i fully expect them to usurp Man Ure as a top four club. As do YOU scared little plastic sheep, and you damn well know it.


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    • hahahahaha, what the fk did liverpool prove last season jelly jaw, only i seem to remember they finished 2nd behind the premiership champions, unless your on about their cup final which, they actually got no silverware for, and was only their 2nd win in 12 so suppose it was a rarity, but they were 2nd, behind the best team in the land, suck on that paedo boy.

    • In terms of football in ten decade to come man.city will never be better than man . United no matter their spending.if the abu dhabi billonaires know something about business they would have not be continue to spend this summer after splashing money last season including the signing of robinho still the finish 10th position.this season they started again to spend forget that experience matters.who is their first keeper, shay given,can u compare him with edwin var dar saar,who are their defenders nedum onuoha,sorry for mationing my bros name,dunne,kolo toure,which of them can stand the like of rio fedinard, nemenja vidic, patreace evra johnny evans and others .who are there strikers robinho,benjani,tevez adebayo.the only strike i see there is carlos tevez and robinho.who among them can be compare with the like of wyne rooney,dimiter barbatov,antonio valencia,machida or danny welbeck.so all these is what they have to look in football.who is their coach mark hughes a servant to the only sir in england-sir alex farguson...............so my people do not be confused b/c of money that did not have control..tokas24hrs from nigeria living in new delhi india---+919971638919

    • Ahahahaha!

      FORGOT™ to change profile then SPAMBAL™...first you claim you lived in Portugal™ but cannot reply to any portugese that is spoken to you, then you claim your living in the US, and to have spoken to BECKHAM™

      Now I KNOW™ your CONFUSED™ to your SEXUALITY and to what ™FAKE nationality your are, but really! You've been caught out more times than a trout at feeding time seeing as both many of your FAKE™ profiles KEEP POSTING™ at the same TIMES and yet you still insist at at the same sh$% theme on the boards.

      TRYING to use your FAKE profile to BACK yourself up ISN"T going to work SPAMBAL™ as we ALL know it's you!™..... Worked out where you went wrong yet?...NO! Try reading your post's on the L'POOL board...(that is IF there ARE any LEFT after you have been DELETED for your SPAM & COPYRIGHT violations and obscene thread's and post's) and see if you can see where you went wrong hehehehehe!

      SPAMBAL and VITO owned and buried by your's truely!™

      Taxxiiiiiiiii for the fake SPAMBAL

    • Sorry that should be live in Spain and Portugal, and not the states!

    • "Well I asked Beckham"..Ohh dear SPAMBAL, how can you have asked anything when you claim to live in the STATES.

      Oppps forgot that didn't you


      TAXXI for the LIAR.

    • Would that be WINNING NOTHING AGAIN!™

    • on the button ,mate

    • "You went trophyless for a few seasons "

      An excellent point raised by you here Vito in typical unbiased fashion.

      These plastic mancs are so quick to FORGET that until Ronaldo went worldclass Man Ure were on a downward spiral that had most of their fickle fans calling for Fergies resignation!!! hahaha

      No surprise that they don't remmeber though, as most of them were no-doubt jumping ship to the Chavs, such is the nature of these fickle PVC gloryhunters.

      Citeh, like Madrid, are building something very special and without the show pony Man Ure will be back to ordinary. Barcelona and LIVERPOOL proved that last season... WITH Ronaldo in the team!

    • Erm, that's not his picture. It's Dave Whelan, hence the "Mr. JJB" ID.

    • You know NOTHING about football, so sit down while you get taught something by someone (by the look of your picture) 100th your age.
      You CANNOT buy a football team you idiot, it has been attempted and failed by many more Managers and Mark Hughes has only proved that he can completely fuck up and choose the wrong players last year, or why else is he going mad now in the Transfer Market?
      You glossed of Rooney big time and you know it, so I'll leave to think about how City have no-one on their team anywhere near as good as Rooney. Robinho is average, he cannot play at his best when there is no fibre in the team. And no, you cannot put a bid in for that.
      Scholes - 2nd most decorated player in the Premiership and the best passer in the Premiership at the least.
      Anderson-Much like Robinho, very good touch on the ball, however, he is playing in a team with fibre, which is why he plays consistently better then Robinho.
      Fergie has claimed to have found the right way to use Berbatov as his performance (I agree) last season was dreadful for the amount of money spent. So, we shall see, but for the sake of it, lets say your correct.
      United owning City so far.
      Owen may end up getting injured however, until he does, he will score and we got him for free. That's are win, your loss. Any problem with that is certainty jealously.
      Macheda will not get many games as you and a lot of other uninformed, out-of-touch people believe. Fergie said he is a future talent and will be used rarely this season.
      Welbeck is not my favourite either, he seems to lack the intelligence rather then the skill.

      For City...
      Robinho, very good player, not as good as Rooney or Owen and he is little less then desperate of Ireland's balls, otherwise, he is stranded.
      Cruz cost you 17mil, Owen, who is better cost £0. That's clearly Man Utd to the good.
      Tevez will be the best player on your team by miles, however, I am in a way glad we found out he was playing for the money, at least he is someone else's problem now.
      Adebayor-A very good player, who will be isolated in City because noone at city is good enough at passing in midfield.
      Your last points are just not worth mentioning, you know you are being biased.
      'i fully expect them to usurp Man Ure as a top four club'
      Let's make it legal, I'll bet my Car, shit, I'll bet my parents house, that Man City do not make it as a top 4 club this seaon, or next season, or the season after that.
      Your team cannot play together. They were just starting to get used to each other in march and now Marky Hue is buying another team, which means you are again going to do shit and not even qualify for Europe is the most likely outcome.
      But anyway, I'll keep a link to this question, and in May 2010, I'll be back with a big fucking smile.

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