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    City squad BETTER than United™

    Following the superb signings of Carlos 'the jackal' Tevez and Emanuel ‘the poacher’ Adebayor over at Middle Eastlands™, I was looking (in awe) at the current Citeh squad today and all I can say is... Wow!

    It immediately dawned on me that this new EPL financial POWERHOUSE™ led by ex-Man Ure legend Mark Hughes has assembled a BETTER squad this off season than cross city rivals United have left at their skinflint disposal following the HUMILIATING exit of Cristiano Ronaldo, along with Tevez, Campbell and Eckersley.

    Here are the true FACTS - read it and WEEP plastic Mancs™

    Man Ure strikers...
    Gooney (if he even gets off left wing)
    Berba (sold a pup™) "He's sh.it" - Ronaldo
    Owen (stretcherrr)
    Macheda (one goal wonder)
    Welbeck (powderpuff CC player)

    Citeh strikers from...
    Robinho (worldclass Brazilian)
    Santa Cruz (proven EPL quality at only 17 mill)
    Tevez (proven quality.. at WHU and looking for revenge)
    Adebayor (proven top EPL scorer)
    Bojinov (underrated quality)
    Benjani (proven EPL scorer)
    Bellamy (proven EPL quality - ex LFC!)

    Add to this quality MIDFIELD marvels like BARRY, IRELAND, ELANO, PETROV, SWP and young Michael Johnson and Citeh p*ss all over aging, second-rate Man U (Park, Anderson, Scholes, O'Shyte anyone? thought not)

    With seasoned defenders such as Bridge (title winner), Dunne, Ben Haim and Micah Richards in the mix, a potential worldclass holding player in KOMPANY and brilliant veteran goalie SHAY GIVEN, plus the two best young keepers in the game, future ENGLAND NUMBER ONE Joe Hart and Kasper Schmeichel (son of City legend Peter), it's plain to SEE for all those with an unbiased brain that the future of Manchester is most certainly blue... SKY BLUE.

    Idiots, plastics and losers ---- City are already BETTER than United this off season and with the city of Manc-chester already swamped in BLUE, i fully expect them to usurp Man Ure as a top four club. As do YOU scared little plastic sheep, and you damn well know it.


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