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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Aug 2, 2009 20:41 Flag

    Dumb Press

    The media is a major (and essential) contributing factor in making us more stupid.

    I love this quote by Hitler...

    "How fortunate for leaders, that the masses do not think."

    Just as applicable today as it was back then, maybe more so.

    Back then they fed the Jews fluoride in the concentration camps to stop them from wanting to escape, they now put it in our water and have made us think its good for us!

    THEY'RE not stupid!

    Cue the first moron who tries to tell me it actually is.... ;)

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    • I can still remember the articles in the sun that said we had signed Shearer and Ronaldinho.


      • 1 Reply to Fergies..Babes
      • If this post had come from almost anyone else it MAY have had some creedence lads.

        BUT remember - this is the same pompous w@nker™ who is stuck in the fcuking MED and gets EVERY SCRAP of footy news from newspapers and online... and then has the FRONT to post it here thinking he's some sort of media messiah™, and then cries like a BITCH when his bullsh'it is PROVEN WRONG.

        Let's not forget friends, this is the same know-all arsewipe who told us "Aaron Ramsey is a great signing for United". "Huntelaar is NOT signing for Real Madrid" and that "David Gill is preparing a MASSIVE bid for Karim Benzema"... all taken from the press he slags off and all 110 per cent WRONG!

        Jim w is another deluded tosser who, like mu_devon, whines about the PRESS, yet hangs on to and parrots their every WORD!

        Pot-Kettle-Black? You BETCHA™.