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    Most overrated and most underrated player

    in the premiership.

    Most overrated - although some people might be temnpted to go for Nani or Berbatov I think Nani`s youthfulness and Berbatov`s lack of pre-season and injuries just about rules them out. For me the most overrated player in the premiership is John Terry.To be honest I`ve never rated him as I think he lacks pace and stats show that chelsea won more points and conceded fewer goals per minutes played when he didn`t play.

    Most underrated - again there are a number of utd candidates such as Fletcher and O`Shea but as much as it pains me I have to say that last season`s most underrated player was Dirk Kuyt. His goals to games ratio was identical to that of Tevez - 15 in 51 games but 12 of those goals came in premiership games and when time was running out and it looked like liverpool were heading for a lose or a draw more often than not it was Kuyt who popped up with a goal or made the telling run and cross that led to a goal. He as much as Gerrard and Torres kept liverpool in the title race.

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    • PML!

      Poor Paddy too THICK to be able to READ!™. To THICK to be able to THINK!™ and best yet JUST plain STUPID!™

      The Official benchmark used by the FA™ was introduced upon conception of the EPL with the result that THREE, THATS right PADDY THREE AWARDS were introduced for GOALS SCORED during the season. The result being that one of the THREE awards is carried over to UEFA™ award to be included in UEFA's top awards.

      The first awards went to Terry Sheringham Followed by Andy Cole and Newcastles hitman Alan SHearer....and so on!

      "Why would there be an official FA ruling on a figure that is used by pundits"...Ohh dear ohh dear PADDY!™, you REALLY are NOT very BRIGHT™ are you hmmmmm?????. The first recorded use of the bench mark for goals by ANY pundit was two months AFTER the FA announced the awards for the EPLs top scorers.


      ps.If you went and did a bit of searching you will find the INFORMATION just like I DID before I posted! In fact the information can be retreved on about 20 to 30 sites,

      TAXXiiiiiii for paddy

    • Some Is True There.

    • Steve McManaman and Razor Ruddock

    • "The official FA benchmark" now why have I never heard of that......oh yeah because it doesnt fucking exist...........nice try though.
      Why would there be an official FA ruling on a figure that is used by pundits, you really want to think through your lies Terry.

      Oh wait just in....the Oficial FA Ruling is that you are a retard

    • fletcher, o,shea, under rated, do you use a white stick?

    • ok my mistake I thought rooney got 11 not 12. So they scored the same amount of prem goals. Do you not concede that, 12 league goals for a wide right player is pretty good going , and considering he gets so many stick from illinformed rival fans who think he is crap...then yes Kuyt is one of the most underated players in the premiership.
      That is all

    • OK, if you want to stick to last season, and seeing as you said Kuyt had scored more than Rooney:

      Kuyt scored 12 goals in 38 EPL games and 15 overall in 51 games.
      Rooney scored 12 goals in 30 EPL games and 20 overall in 49 games.

    • I was talking about last season eric (quite obviously). If you insist on measuring the whole career, shall we mention dirks feyenoord goals (71 in 101). But no I was not trying to say that dirk is a better striker than rooney. You seemed to pour scorn on the fact that he is underated, whereas anyone who knows anything about football would see that he was among the best attacking midfielders in the league last season alongside Ronaldo (remember him) Arshavin, and Gerrard. Who do you think will score more next season Valencia or Kuyt.....no contest

    • Kuyt plays on the wing because he can't hack it as a striker which was what he was bought as.

      Kuyt has scored 27 goals in 104 EPL appearances (a goal in every 3.85 matches). At United, Rooney has scored 65 in 157 (every 2.42 matches).

      "and scored more than rooney did" - how?

    • "Dirk Kuyt is underrated? You must be joking. He's another Alan Smith - puts in a good stint but so what? Rarely delivers; 1 goal every 4 games is not a good return for a striker"
      He plays as a winger in case you havent noticed, and scored more than rooney did

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