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  • jim w jim w Aug 4, 2009 01:55 Flag

    The Greatest

    I see Yahoo are running a series of greatest players for each club.
    George Best is leading the poll for United. I seriosly ask , how could it possibly be anyone else?
    Best was simply the Best!. Not only for United but for any British club. Up there with Pele and Maradona as one the best 3 of all time.

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    • Calm down Jim - your box of Kleenex tissues must be about used up

    • What a load of sanctimonious bollocks. Best and Maradona are probably the two greatest footballing geniuses of all time; yet one became an alcoholic and the other had drug addiction problems. Genius undoubtedly brings pressures that are not easily understood by the majority of people. Do you judge Van Gogh on the amount of absinthe he drunk, or for cutting his ear off? Of course not - you judge him on his artwork. Forget the nu-footie role-model bullshit!

    • Blimey Eric..C..you must have been young in 63...!..if your 43 that is...in fact not born...well who cares i'm about 120 with t*t's.....!

    • I saw best make his debut & make mince meat out of Graham Williams, a Welsh leftback, then playing for WBA.

      It was a privilege to watch Best play and he is the best player I've ever seen.

      So it makes me really angry when clowns like JJB, Divine and hangers-on like Risker try and belittle him.

    • Jim,as someone who had the privilege to watch Best play i think your summation of him is spot on.I even saw him play for a local side over here in the Irish cup long afetr he had retired and he still made young players look silly.
      Best was the best there ever was from a footballing point of view and i much doubt we will ever see another player with the complete range of skills he possessed.

    • Did you ever see him play?
      Were you ever transported from the grimness of the 60s ( and a lot of it was grim) into a different 'universe' by enjoying his art?
      Did you ever get 'twisted blood' just watching him weave through defences?
      Did you ever marvel at his courage to withstand physical assaults on the field, with opposition players lining up to try to kick him?
      Did you see the games he won single-handed?
      Did you see the power of his shots, the speed of his running over mud-baths, the fierceness of his tackling, the spring and sharpness of his heading?
      If not, you probably couldn't agree with most football people, including Pele, who thought he was the Best they ever saw.
      'Pele was the best player on the planet, but George was from somewhere else altogether'.
      He was the Best, pure and simple.

    • Best should be judged in football terms alone. Good player? Undoubtedly? Professional? Doubtful.

      He left the game at 26 after a build up to destruction with drinking bouts etc.Today,with his drink problem and attitude he would not have been able to cope with the demands of EPL, Championship or even1st Division.

      Ronaldo. and Rooney and many others have surpassed him but have not reached into the great status in some eyes because they haven't had the off field antics that distract and drum up emotions. Most people will remember George Best for his controversy off the pitch and people mix that infamy up the footballing greatness.

      I guess if you looked up the statistics there were many players in terms of games played, and all round performance. (Law?). Move away all the hype from his off -field exploits and all you've got is another Rodney Marsh (a bit like waiting in Starbucks - a lot going on but nothing happening)

      BTW my interpretation of Alcoholism is: "A self inflicted condition brought about by an addiction"

    • you have no intention of discussing football,all you want to do is continually attempt wind ups and cosy up to your mate jjb if in fact you are not him/her under yet another id.

    • Few of us make as much of our lives as we should do. Some people dont even get as far as having a life thats not worth wasting (just ignore the worthless little nobody Will)
      Any of us that consider that they've made a tenth as much of their lives as George Best did with his can feel very proud of themselves indeed.
      My favourite Georgie story is the one about Miss World, the stack of cash just won at the casino. and the boy delivering the champagne asking "where did it all go wrong George ?".

      I never saw Georgie in his pomp, things were different then but no one in that era was anywhere near him, and I mean no one.
      I spent most of the 70s and all of the 80s lamenting the prospect that I would never see anything like George Best. Then He came along. Cantona might not have been quite as good as Best for those who have the privielage to make the comparison, but he is by a country mile the best player to have played for United since.

    • George.was the greatest flair player,angd Giggsy up there as well on his day,but i also used to like Bobby Charlton's thunder shot's...United's all time top scorer and England's..at present...let's not forget...and a true gent...!

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