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    David Silva

    I realize that we only have rumours to go on, but they are gathering pace and we did make an enquiry concerning his availabilty in 2008, so it might be on the cards. I think it would be an excellent signing for United, and cash + Nani is obviously a possibility. HIs versatility would add an extra dimension to our play. Any thoughts on this?

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    • I've still got the recording butch, can you tell me roughly where he put in a decent cross yesterday ?. I did catch the Bayern game, surely you arent making out that cos he beat someone from a Malaysian select XI that he is in fact stinking good.
      I accept that he's clearly got talent, he was giving it everything which was great to see, and he did score after all. But if all we can hope for is that goal then he's not going to make it. He has to hurt people in other ways and he just isnt doing it enough. This shoulder sounds pretty nasty anyway, It's sounding like a surgery job so he's likely to be out for ages.

    • "But I honestly dont remember him beating anybody"

      Pretty typical of you then, you obviously didn't see any of the pre-season games.

      I suggest you get back to the person who gives you the lowdown on what goes on, and ask him to watch the games again, then get back to you.

    • This thread became the bash Nani column I see. So lets continue.....

      He came out with his trademark goal, again (has he scored from any other position that that exact spot yet ?, he scored on the tour didnt he so perhaps so),. He was looking lively if nothing else. But I honestly dont remember him beating anybody and then executing a cross (if you cant do the latter the first bit is kind of useless wouldnt you agree). And yes, from what we've seen so far he isnt a patch on Valencia who is clearly intent on delivering something of worth rather than posing about on the wing and then having to play it pack to Evra once he's run out of pitch.
      Anyway, he's going to be out for a bit now, so there is respite for us Nani-knockers (is that a ken doddism or a les dawson ?).

      I suspect mr chelsea is going to burst into life shortly and justify his team's fightball tactics.

    • That would be a great idea!! xD I really hope that the transfer does materialize. I won't say Nani is rubbish but he hasn'e progreesed much, and while i won't mind him staying i gotta say trading him for Silva sounds like a cool idea.

    • Ha, what BULLSH*T!!!! Stick to watching FC mate, most United fans didn't see Ronaldo turning out like he did, I remember VERY well!

      Ronaldo's talent was NEVER as natural or obvious as with Nani, dont kid yourself.

      At 19 I said here he would be become the best player in the world (and got laughed off the board by one or two who are still here), but mostly this was based on his physical and mental attributes, not natural talent.

      Everything he used to show us he took out of his game, which mostly consisted of taking men on and millions of step overs. He realised he couldn't cross, his step overs were p*ssing Ruud off and weren't working anymore, and did you ever see him beat two men like Valencia did against Bayern? Not for about 4 years!

      Nani is much quicker, can hit a ball better (as we saw his first season) and is clearly more skillful too, especially at beating his man, which I can't remember the last time Ronaldo did to be honest. However he hasn't been shown anywhere near the same level of support that Ronaldo got from Fergie, and doesn't have an ego even one tenth the size of Ronaldo's, and we all know how important a factor self confidence is.

      Its unfair for people to compare the two in terms of development, let alone talent, and yet so many do it, just as we're going to have to listen this season to a number of idiots bang on about Valencia and Ronaldo too. Same old story here, as with Fletcher and our impatient fans. Nani has just as much chance to come good, you can think what you like, but you're still wrong!

      Sorry, had to steal that line from you. ;)

    • Butch & Chris,

      your points are valid, but we all have very subjective views on just what sort of players suit United. I saw Solksjaer's first game (pre-season) for United and I just felt he was going to fit in at Old Trafford and grow to love the fans and the club.This was not based on logic, stats, or anything particularly rational at all, but based more on an intuitive feeling that I am sure we all have.

      I said on here over two years ago that Ronaldo would only be a "passing treat" for us, while Rooney could be regarded as a player that would stick with us. Even if it is para-rational we all tend to have these feelings about players.

      Some of us are totally pro-Berbatov (I think he will be a revelation THIS season), others are less confident.

      Same with Nani....

    • Ronaldo was all show when he joined us, incapable of going round his man. If he hadn't improved so much by his third year he would have been out.

      Nani was the opposite, he had a good first year, then wasn't given the games. Luckily for us SAF knows far more than you, and Nani will play a big part in the coming season.

    • Not at all. Ronaldo was in a different class, and even his critics knew that, but he was very green when he came to United, and it was clear that ,given time, he would develop into a massive talent. I honestly don't see an analogous development in Nani's case; in fact, I think Tosic looks a better prospect.

    • Agreed...+ nani...& chuck in my nanny....too...!

    • If you really want me to go then why don't you and your idol Chris desert our board for a change. Chris has a larger post history on our board than on this one...

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