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  • Clive Clive Aug 13, 2009 07:55 Flag

    Is Gareth Barry better than Carrick?

    We, the fans of Man Utd know how many do not see what Carrick does and how important he has been to the success over the last few years, but why is it that England managers seem to believe that Barry is better doing the job, that Carrick does for Utd, for England, even though Barry does not usually play that way, but Carrick does; And just as strange, whenever Hargreaves comes back from injury, even if he has not played many games for Utd, he is picked for England ahead of Carrick.
    Hargeaves has not played much over the past few years, Barry has been playing for Villa, who did not win anything or challenge for anything, Carrick has played in most mathces for a team winning the league and in two euro cup finals in a row, what more can he do for the England manager to notice what he can do for the team?

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    • Dont rate barry that much,but carrick was shown up against barca....so hope he improves...and tackle more....!

    • Dont rate barry that much,but carrick was shown up against barca....so hope he improves...and tackle more....!

    • IMO Barry is better than Carrick, as his all round game is better.

      Carrick can probably pass better than Barry but is not as rounded a player.

      And to whoever said that Carrick should play for England ahead of Barry as Barry's team never won anything, and Carricks did, is talking nonsense!!.....................What has that got to do with anything?..............Shearer was rightly picked ahead of Andy Cole, and Newcastle were not winning anything either.

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      • I was not sure when we signed Carrick but since we signed him we have gone from a team finishing 2nd or 3rd into champions each and every season he has played for us. While maybe not picking up the accolades in the way that players like Ronaldo and Rooney have he has been a major factor in us going from also rans to bona fide champions. Does anyone believe Barry could have made the same difference to United?

      • ROY, What has that got to do with anything?............
        Your right Shearer was picked ahead of Cole, but you forget, Shearer was Newcastle's best player and should have been playing for a bigger club, Cole was never Utd's best player.

        Playing regulary in the champs leauge and going for the prem league prepares players for the pressure of playing high level competitions, such as the world cup.

        Barry is not better than Carrick at doing that job, even the comentators, on the night England played Holland, said that Carrick was better suited to that job as he does it for Man Utd week in week out. Both players come back and help the defence, but Carrick does it at a higher level and, as you have said, he probably passes the ball better than Barry.

    • To me it's the same reason Young is not in the setup. Capello has his reasons/favorites.

      I think Young is better than any other left sided player even if he isn't left footed, yet he keeps getting overlooked.

      Also, as others have said, the need to shoe horn in both Gerrard and Lampard into the squad makes it harder to pick Carrick. Carrick isn't a strong tackling mid - his defensive capabilities are his ability to read the game. When the manager is wanting a player that will tackle harder, then Carrick will get overlooked.

      If he can add a little more bite to his tackling then maybe he'll figure more prominently. It actually might help United out as well but, then again if he is continually overlooked and isn't getting hurt in pointless friendlies etc - I am good with it for United's sake.

    • yes he is , carrick plays to many negative passes ie , sidewards whereas ,barry can go pasted players , and can find forward passes!

    • Its bizarre, Barry is very average in all areas, he's not defensively better, unless you are talking about the fact that he can actually PLAY in defence!

      Carrick is THE best English passer of the ball, I can't understand why an Italian of all people doesn't have him in there, but thats England for you, and United will ALWAYS be greater than England.

    • its because barry is more defensive minded than carrick, and is probably a better back up for lampard who gets forward more, same as when gerrard plays, he likes to get forward too, whereas barry will sit deeper, defensive mid is not really carricks game.