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  • outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 16, 2009 18:36 Flag

    Is Gareth Barry better than Carrick?

    Carrick is a better player than Barry. But playing at MU along with the big names he gets lost in the crowd of talent and his contributions are not appreciated as they should be. Barry at Villa was the central figure and that kept him in the foreground.

    But Barry does deserve his place in the squad. Carrick is simply unlucky not to play. But how does one explain Beckham still playing for England?

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    • good post outlaws and nice to see a rival fan seeing the bigger picture, carrick on his day would unlock an italian or spanish defence (save barca in may lol), whereas barry does more of the closing down, they are different players in the work they do, but for me carrick edges it on talent, barry on workrate.