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  • mu_sd mu_sd Aug 13, 2009 20:20 Flag

    which is better kusczak or foster (Honest Opinions)

    I am impressed with kusczak more but it seems SAF does not share the same opinion. What do fans think and does anyone has comparitive statistics. Also there is a rumour today SAF is after a fourth GK.

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    • Foster is CRAP!

    • rumour mill has it that byern and us are looking at shalke's goalie

    • For me it has to be Foster as he is a greater presence given that he appears to have a larger body frame.I think that given a run in the side he will settle down and move away from his current nervousness.

    • Kusczak has never let us down, his stats are pretty good and his shot stopping is up there with the best of them. He was producing star performances at West Brom, but without games we can only speculate to how well he could do for us.

      Foster is always going to get more bias due to being English, he was superb at Watford and is probably ahead of Tomasz because he's more agile, but his injury problems the past two years have hampered his chances.

      I say give them both a chance this year, a proper chance, and if both fail Carroll/Howard style then get this big German they're saying we're monitoring!

    • I would have to go for Foster, when he went out on loan a few seasons agos he was brillient, everyone was saying he was the future England number 1, but since then he has had a lot of bad luck, injury problems and Van Der Sar, also the signing of Kusczak did not help him out either, as Fergie had to give Kusczak his chance.
      I hope Fergie sticks with Foster while Van Der Sar is out, at least to see if Foster can handle it, the odd game here and there does not show very much, it does not help to produce confidence or trust in your defenders and vice versa.
      Also with the new rules about how many foreign players you can play in the champs league and English goalkeeper is a plus, if he can play the way he did while on loan, getting regular games.