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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Aug 20, 2009 23:14 Flag

    FUNNY how...

    ..Usually regular posters, you know the ones, United fans that are on here almost without fail everyday have suddenly all decided to take a little holiday and their posts have dried up!

    Cant think why can you?

    I mean seeing as they are OBVIOUSLY the best "supporters" around, and definately NOT Glory hunters by nature there is NOT A HOPE IN HELL that they would slink away under the nearest stone as soon as they get defeated by LOWLY Burnley now would they?

    I mean they couldnt call themselves "supporters" at all if that were the case now could they?

    I guess they all just happened to book up their hols to coincide with the first week of the season huh.

    DOES make me TITTER!

    Much love mankies!

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    • yeah man pu suk in my class at skool 22 out uv 34 sported dem glory sporters gunner 4 life

    • think it has something to do with the hysterical posts we get, united are finished, fergies lost it, sort of thing, if we could discuss the defeat in an adult way people would not avoid the board, but we know who the children are and surprise, surprise it was th usual suspects on here writing the usual hysterical posts, but we have had the last laugh for 3 seasons so we always end up laughing the most

    • at least we have some glory to hunt for last 4 years.

    • Ever thought you PLANK! that some of went to the game, then work the next day so only when we get back can we get on line.

      Speaking of ONLINE the WHOLE 7/24 I see you have no life posting at all hours everyday.

      Now off you go PLASTIC and try to get some kind of a life , after you won't be DISAPPEARING when ArS NUL lose now will you.

    • Fabongrass, what strikes me is they still come to our board and try (yes, that's try) and annoy us with spamming and "ABU's are crap" bullshit. Then when we confront them about an embarrassing defeat they start talking in the past (of course) and ignore the questions.

      And for those who do answer, they make out everything is alright and they will still win the prem easely...a joke really.

      But back to on the pitch, United need a striker. Owen was poor despite the effort. Rooney is good at setting up people but save the odd wonder goal I expect most midfielders (like Arshavin, Fabregas, Lampard, Ballack, Gerrard...) to get more goals than him. And Berbatov also tried hard in patches for once but doesn't seem to know when to finish.

      I would reccomend Fabiano for them although I'd much rather see him in Arsenal coulours.