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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Aug 22, 2009 16:02 Flag

    Manchester United v wigan your prodicton

    Oh ye of the envious linguistic skills, i have no idea if you would view my turds as being more pleasurable to behold than my handsome boat race.

    I find things of this nature to be down to personal taste and though i myself find looking at other peoples turds rather distasteful it does not surprise me in the least to find that in this strange world of ours there are indeed some who like nothing better than to gaze longingly at another blokes turds.

    Therefore i will not ridicule you on this matter as in my humble opinion there are indeed far worse things you could be wishing for up there in manky land and at the end of the day staring at turds for pleasure is bringing harm to no man.

    Much love friend and many happy turd gazing hours to you!