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  • Clive Clive Aug 29, 2009 09:01 Flag

    Proof the media lies to you sheeple

    The media has been involved in faking news for decades, during 911 a bbc news broadcast has them explaning that building 7 had just collasped when you can still see it standing in the background.
    News broadcasters continue to blame Bin Landen while they know there is actually no real evidence to suggest he had anything to do with it, we also now know that 9 of the supposed highjackers have been found alive and well, but you won't see any real stories about that or about the highly incompitent 911 investigation, which was full of lies and coverups.
    But as I said the other day on one of these treads, all the while the collective accepts the lies the lies become the accepted truth and all those who have challenged the lies are made out to be loonies or troublemakers.
    None of the news broadcasters actually produce real news anymore, they simply peddle whatever their governments tell them to say, its all propergander, and one of best is the problem- reaction- solution way of doing things, if it wasn't so evil it would be genius.