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  • Clive Clive Aug 26, 2009 23:38 Flag

    How long have you Supported Utd? Why and best moments.

    1978, because of Gary Bailey, my best friends dad Roy Moss used to play football with Roy Bailey and used to babysit Gary, in South Africa, also I like the strip, red, white and black.
    Norman Whiteside's extra time winner, Kevin Moran playing on with his head still bleading badly, he was a gutsy bugger, that brillient low shot goal in the fa cup final by butch Wilkins, the 1999 Giggs goal beating Arsenal in the fa cup semi final and the 1999 Champions League final - the last 20 mins.

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    • I started around 98 I was then back then.

      I am not from England I am from Mexico I started watching european football back here everyone supported Real Madrid as the European team, but I didn't want ti support the team everyone was supporting so I just chose Manchester simply just like that.

      One year later I watched them become champions of Premier League and Champions League, I didn't watch the FA Cup because they didn't transmitted it back here but watching beckham at his best giggs, keane, Schmichael, Scholes that made me fell in love with the club specially after beating juventus I remember in the final I was so frustrated until they tied and I will never forget the Euphoria of the second goal.

      I have watched most of the games since then including the ones that are transmitted here at 5:00 am since I support them I have never watched them have 2 consecutive seasons with empty hands and I love to see that they are becoming the best team in the world winning the most difficult league for 3rd time and reaching the final 2 consecutive times in the UCL even though we lost in Rome. I wish to see the day Manchester becomes the most succesful team in that tournament

    • I,m a glory hunter...since about...65.
      Reason Bobby,George,Dennis...!

    • 1997. I did know of United even before through my dad but after leaning the offsides and all the rules this transfers and all that, that was the year i really started watching them properly.

      Why? Well it was because of my dad. It wouldn't have mattered which team he supported. He taught me everything I knew but i'm thankful he picked United to support. It's 12 proper years of supporting them. Doesn't seem a lot compared to the rest of you guys.

      I've never seen Best live on tv or at the Old Trafford. I've never seen Bobby Charlton or many of the great players who died at the Munich crash. I support a club that boasted so many talented players where most of their lives had ended early in a tragic way. Despite that we're still successful. I've never gone 5 years without seeing United lift a title. That would mean I've never really endured much pain as the rest of you guys. Rome was a killer for me but at least they got to the final. I love United and I'm lucky enough to enjoy watching and seeing their success. It may dry all up one day. I hope not but when that day comes I can safely say it wouldn't matter as I'm contented as it is.

    • 1966. I only became aware of football during the1966 World Cup - until then I only knew rugby football. My initial reason was Bobby Charlton. The outstanding moment for me was Ole's goal going in in Barcelona. Until then, I thought I would never see greater moments than the other stellar offerings from that year: Giggsy's wonder goal in the FA Cup SF replay against Arsenal, and the comeback against Juventus in the CL semi-final.

    • I've never resorted to threatening anyone physically either as that friend would be the height of ignorance and an admission of defeat in my book.

      night night.

    • For once fab we can agree, the devil is in him.
      I told him that although you often come on here to wind us up and to get a reaction I respect you more than him, as I doubt you would attack one of your own in the way he does, an Arsenal fan.

    • Keep the devil down in the hole clive.

      WAAAAAY down in the hole.

    • If you thought it was a threat go back to school and learn to read.
      I don't pee around with foolish people and I don't make threats.
      Figure it out for goodness sake, if someone had been slagging you off, speaking rubbish about you, calling you a twat and such-like how would you feel about meeting them.

      I have tried to be reasonable, I have even backed you up in the past when others were slagging you off.

      I don't expect all Man Utd fans to agree with everything I say, but I certainly did not expect them to be turning against someone and treating a Utd fan worse than the fabongrass types do.
      I don't need to have a go at you or to hurt you, vengence is not mine.

    • says the man with no ticket stub to the guy with a pic of himself with the prem, carling and world club trophies.

      aint no plastic their, just gleaming shiny silver.

    • You my little Northern ..erm.........thing are in DREAM LAND.

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