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  • Clive Clive Sep 1, 2009 08:22 Flag


    Fab how are you?
    I never said Man Utd were the better team, for the first half you were just about the better team, but in the second half we just about edged it.
    And I have always said that not properly replacing Ronaldo will make a difference, that Utd would have to change the way they do things to stand a chance of winning the league this season, and I have never failed to take you on either.
    At the end of the season we will see whether Arsenal are strong enough this season, when they are allowed to play nice football they do well, but can they finally win ugly.
    I like meerkats.

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    • Dearest Clive.

      I am wonderful as always, thanks for enquiring.

      Your lot had twelve men on the pitch and that helped your case no end.

      You won, fair play, but i bet not one person on this board is honestly happy with the manner in which it was achieved (then again), it can hardly make you want to stick out your chest with pride surely.

      You lot were run ragged and never looked like scoring a decent goal so i guess you are thanking your lucky stars for dodgy refs and soppy own goals.

      The MIGHTY Arsenal will be just fine this season of that i am quite sure.

      Meerkats are rats that hide at the first sniff of trouble.

      Much love.

      Fabby Wabby.