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  • When Drogba and Kalou are gone, Chelsea still have Anelka, Sturridge, and Shevchenko. They have the strongest squad in the Premiership whether you look at it overall, or just by forwards, midfielders, etc. You are definitely lightweight in the striking department and are lucky Rooney has hit form finally. Next to Chelsea, City have the most firepower, followed by Arsenal. You are by no means strong up front; only Liverpool is weaker.

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    • Good points Vito, but just to say Shevchenko has now moved back to his roots at Dynamo Kiev - although in my opinion, that strengthens rather than weakens Chelsea. The Shevchenko at Stamford Bridge was not the Shevchenko you knew at theSan Siro.

    • am shevkenko is gone from chelsea,,he moved back 2 dynimo kiev..and i wouldnt bank on sturridge to be as good as drogba..

    • Shevchenko ???, he hasnt been an acting member of chelsea's squad for about 3 years. And can we have a break down of your "arsenal are next" argument, slayer ?.
      Arsenal are the weakest. Any honest gooner would have ether of welbeck or macheda over that useless lump bentdner. none of their strikers have even scored yet.
      liverpool are good as long as el nino keeps at it. once he needs a rest they need the likes of benayoun and gerrard to pile in, and of course they are going to be filling in for alonso.
      bellamy, tevez and adebayour are all being paid enough to sooth their disspraportionate egos should bellamy reach for his golf bag, but you wouldn't realy want any of your own children cheering those 3 on.

    • Sturridge falls in to the same category as Macheda and Welbeck - a young striker with bags of potential but very little experience. Shevchenko is no longer at chelsea so come the African Cup of Nations that leaves them with Anelka as their only experienced striker.