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  • Clive Clive Sep 4, 2009 06:34 Flag

    What do we need for a great future?

    At some point it would be great to sign a new Keane and Scholes, none of the midfield players we have - apart from Scholes himself - are anywhere near the quality that both have been at Utd.
    We already have new versions of the Neville brothers.
    But no young Giggs.
    We have some decent young central defenders, there not ready yet, but hopefully they will be.
    Rooney is still young.
    And what about a new Danish keeper, a big blonde one, Forster might make it, but many are not too sure after his first few games when he has looked a bit dodgy and unsure of himself.

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    • Try reading it again when your more awake, when maybe your brain is functioning better.
      Come on, if your brain is working figure it out, it really is not that complicated.
      I'll start you off...apart from the De Silva brother means they, the De Silva brothers, are ready to play for the first 11, they are good enough to come in and do a solid job on a regular basis.
      Its like a five piece jigsaw, I'm sure you can do it.

    • 'Younsters like Welbeck, Macheda, Cathcart, Drinkwater are good prospects but are no where near ready to be launched into one of the toughest leauges in the world, if any of the youngsters ( apart from the De Silva brothers) werte good enough at the moment they would be in the first 11 already, the only one of the four above who has done ok in the first team is Macheda, but even he will only get in the squad if players are injured or if they are playing so poorl" Sorry , could explain to me in my world what that means then ?

    • You really do live in world of your own, at what point did I say Fergie is a looney, he likes to field a team of 14year olds, or Macheda should not be given another chance as he did not stay in the team, or Fergie should be sacked because Utd have lost a game.
      Or do you have a reading problem, you read something and see whatever you want to see.

    • That shows how little you know about Fergie . He likes to bring young players along gradually. Macheda is only 17, give the kid a chance. It's a different world now to what it was when he could put 3 or 4 youngsters in . Now , if United don't win at least 1 trophy, everyone's screaming to sack him. I've seen it on here enough when United lose 1 game.

    • Put this on the wrong thread..!

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      Mabey the sun is hotting up due to the 11 yr cycle of sun spot's,but a main sequence stable star(our sun) in middle age'd and half way through it's life...so at a temp of 4000 centigrade, still has another 3/4 billion yrs to go,but as we know will be a red giant and engulf our poor earth..we will be on mars by then...burnt to a cinder...now there's global warming for you...!

    • I am one of those who believe United need a top class keeper to replace VDS. I hope I'm wrong about Foster, but I don't think I am.
      Other than that, a talismatic, incredible player in CM. But as I keep saying they are like gold, rare and expensive. Perhaps one will be available ( of the 6 or so who meet that criteria in world football) after the WC. Otherwise we will have to be patient and try to grow our own. Liverpool and Chelsea managed that, so United should be able to with the talent in the youth squads now.

    • The Glazers to leave for a start..& take their dept with them...!