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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Sep 4, 2009 23:40 Flag

    Stick to 4-4-2 Fergie!

    Was I the only one who was absolutely gutted we went back to playing with 5 in midfield against the 4th place small club, at home?

    Yes Rooney tore them apart in the 3-0 carling cup romp over them when he was upfront alone, but the gooners have improved slightly since then.

    I would like to see Fergie stick with two upfront, and instead of adapting for other teams, force the opposition into adapting for us.

    It was great to see Fletcher do what he does best against Francenal, but our attack was limited making them look much more comfortable than they would have been had we more attacking options. Their defence is fragile to say the least, if only Rooney had had some support!

    Come on Fergie, you said you'd stick to 4-4-2 this season!

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    • Yeah, a big responsibility, but this team plays through the middle, to dominate midfield, which is why it's a little on the defensive overall.

      And the good thing about it is you can easily slot in a winger if you're having problems down one side.

      It's not a formation you'd use every game, just another option.

    • Ah, I see now, I was looking at it as Rooney furthest forward with Berbatov and Macheda behind him, when you mean Roon behind the other two?!

      Thats some strike force! You could do Berbatov and Roon behind Macheda or Owen too. Welbeck can play either role in my opinion.

      A lot of responsibility on the wing backs though to cover the whole left/right hand side. Leaves no role in the side for Nani, although Valencia could play right of centre (inside right).

    • Ah, but I use the 'old' term for center forward, behind the front two. I was brought up with the strikers called inside left (10) and inside right (8).

    • You are right to say this, but brave knowing all the muppets who claim to be fans but then have a go at anyone who says anything that isn't praising Utd in any way.
      You are right, as I have said many times before it pees me off to see Fergie constantly changing the way we play because of who we are playing. This is Manchester United, let them be worried about playing us, as they always used to be, teams would never come to OT thinking they could get any points, now they come thinking they can win.
      He changed things so we could dominate in Europe, problem is, we had the best player in the world and we changed to suit the way Barca was going to play, 3 or 4 years ago we were electric, in attack there was no team faster or more deadly and in defence we had the best defensive record, SO WHY, IN THE NAME THAT ALL IS GOOD, DID WE CHANGE THE WAY WE PLAY?
      The same can be said for England, we now have a far better quality team, but managers are trying to make us play the way Brazil play, but most England fans would rather see these players playing with the passion and desire that previous England teams had, they may not have been as talented but they got to semi finals and quarter finals on passion, desire and effort, this bunch have done nothing.
      Its total madness.

    • It might work better if it genuinely was a 4-3-3, with the two wide players supporting the striker, rather than falling back to effectively make it 4-5-1.

      I do agree that we look at our strongest at 4-2-2.

    • Fergie's "doctrine" has been to control and choke the midfield against good (or should I say halfway decent ;) clubs in recent years, so I doubt he will ever start a big game 4-4-2. I tend to agree that he should as Rooney does better playing off of someone.

    • Fergie's "doctrine" has been to control and choke the midfield against good (or should I say halfway decent ;) clubs in recent years, so I doubt he will ever start a big game 4-4-2. I tend to agree that he should as Rooney does better playing off of someone.

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      • Thats true Tom, and probably because we've lacked a real enforcer in the middle.

        But with Hargreaves returning and Fletcher excelling, if we can find a player to assuming the attacking/creative mantel (Anderson?) alongside one of these two, I think we can safely utilise the 4-4-2 formation once more.

        My hope is that as the season progresses, and the team gets used to playing this way, that once they start finding a rhythm Fergie will stick with it, once he sees how effective it is.

    • He should have learned his lesson after the thrashing from Barca, we won what we won with 4-4-2, when he changes things around we most often suffer until 4-4-2 is used again.

      I blame our lack of CL Cups between 1999 and 2008 on 4-5-1, it was a disaster, and cost us the game against Milan a few years back, amongst others.

    • Fergie was running scared and you KNOW it.

      Its no wonder you were and i qoute "ABSOLUTELY GUTTED"

      A LUCKY win and you KNOW it too.

      It was a case of adapt and try to compete or stick and watch the WONDERFUL Arsenal team waltz around Old Trafford BANGING in goals at will.

      Force the opposition to adapt to you?? HILARIOUS!