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  • redevildetester redevildetester Sep 5, 2009 00:04 Flag

    Will United Be Handed Transfer Ban Too?

    Willthe red, come off it they have been at it for years, it,s not just the lad fron le harve, think back to . Stam , micklenow with chelsea, and man more , take off your rose coloured specs, and it,s not just the tapping up of players, what about the other merky waters man.u have been involved in....................drugs tests and brown envelopes????????????????????? It,s squeeky bum time

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    • Maybe you could post some facts to back up your allegations.and tapping up is using media and agents to make a player aware a club is interested in signing whereas the Chelsea matter reards actually inducing a player to break a contract.
      And while you are at it maybe you could eliminate the capitals as there is no need to shout.

    • Another f***ing moron tevez..just like the player.
      Do you go on the real web site to complain about their doggy deals,didn't think so,another anti-united tosser...whose team are losers,like himself...dork.face..!