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    Fergie Speaks Up on Diving Now that Ronaldo's Gone!

    Is there no end to the hypocrisy exercised by this man? He is single-handedly bringing such disrepute to your esteemed club. What about Ronaldo then Sir Alex? While he was under your tutelege, you said nothing. Now that he's gone, you openly condemn diving to the press?!!!

    "It was a high profile game and something has to be done," Ferguson said when referring to the ban after a UEFA-organised meeting of some of Europe's top club coaches.

    "(In a big game) it creates an incredible reaction from the media and public in these instances.

    "Something should be done and we hope the message gets across."

    Ferguson's comments came three days after Eduardo was judged by UEFA to have deceived the referee when he won a penalty during a 3-1 Champions League playoff win over Celtic. The Brazilian-born Croatia striker was banned for two games.

    But Ferguson added: "I would not criticise one of my own players publicly. When you make public criticism of your players, you damage morale. Your job is to keep it (the dressing-room) solid."

    He also sympathised with his long-term Premier League rival, Arsenal manager Wenger, who complained Eduardo had been singled out, and said high-profile games should be targeted.

    "Arsene's point of view is a good one which is 'Where do we stop?'" said Ferguson.

    Wenger confirmed Arsenal had appealed against Eduardo's ban but was reluctant to say any more about the incident.

    "It's best not to say too much," he said

    "Everyone I have talked to at the club believes that it's in our best interests to keep quiet and try to get justice done."

    Ferguson said diving was a major worry among leading coaches and talking to players was the key to eradicating the problem.

    "I don't think any coach is proud of it when players simulate to get decisions," he added. "A coach can't be proud if his team have won that way."

    "Nobody can proud. A player can't be proud one hour afterwards when he sits with his brothers and sisters and father and mother."

    "You have to remember five-year-olds are watching," said Ferguson.

    "Players in a Sunday team do it. It happens at five or six years old. We all have a responsibility on how it influences young people."

    "It's a very difficult area because I think in the last 15 years it has crept into the game and it is not acceptable.

    "I think we have to combat this by educating the players and by getting them to understand the gravity of the offence and what it does for the well being of the game.

    "We all agree that education is the best way forward, from the youth team to the first team players."

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    • Selective quoting again from Vito, who like most compulsive-obsessive ABUs, likes to cherry-pick segments of what SAF says in order to suit their own biased views. As Wise Son and others have pointed out SAF gave a very balanced and fair assessment. Yes he said "I have to agree that something had to be done," However he also supports the way Wenger has dealt with the situation: "I agree with Arsene, I would ask the same question 'is it going to happen to everyone? You become insular and protective of your own player and own team, we're all selfish that way. I would have been saying 'what about all the rest of the players?’. But I wouldn't have been pleased if my player had done that. I wouldn't say it publicly though, because when you do that you're in danger of losing the morale of the dressing room. Privately, as I've done many times, you have a different view, but I wouldn't do it publicly."

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      • And lets not lose sight of the plain fact that, over the last 12 years, which club have the worst disciplinary record of the big 4 by a country mile.
        Arsenal, and their evil master mind arsenal whinger, that's who. More sendings off than anyone else, more brawls. And when it comes to selective viewing, there realy is only one contender.
        What do you think "Vito" ?. Oh, and while you're in (as if you ever go away), what's the nearest place to the san siro that you can get a beer ?.

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    • The difference between you and Unique is that he is a United fan, so have messages that number in the triple-digits makes sense.

      You, however, your posting history and style just hints at mental instability.

    • Wise Son says: "and some are worse than others"

      yup, manUre are top of the mountain when it comes to hypocrites, all the way from SAF to their fickle fanbase!

    • Where's the hypocrisy. He states quite clearly:

      "I would not criticise one of my own players publicly. When you make public criticism of your players, you damage morale. Your job is to keep it (the dressing-room) solid."

      The fact that we saw a change in Ronaldo's behaviour over the years at United, as with Ruud before him, shows that the criticism was brought up in private. I'm not trying to pretend that Ronaldo out and out stopped diving (wish he had), but I think the last couple of seasons, that a lot more of his falls were genuine than any ABU is ever going to give him credit for.

      Also, where does he criticise the press? I don't see any mention of that in the article you quote.

    • Old Sir Alex "fungus purple beak bagpipe features" Feguson is nothing more than a hypocrite at the end of the day!

      This is why he, like all manUre fans, is totally HATED!!! Hahaha

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      • Most blatant dive of last year ?
        How's about Stephen "I cant wait to get out of this crap club" Taylor against Sunderland. What do you reckon jiggy ?.

        Having a bit of trouble filling sid james' park this year I see. Why's that then ?, have the georides gone all fickle perhaps ?. less than half full against huddersfield, even the bitters do better than that.

      • Typical ABUs - no real knowledge of what goes on inside utd and no real knowledge of football. No good manager will publicly critise his players but that doesn`t mean they haven`t spoken to a player in private. When Ronaldo first came to utd he did keep diving but later he made a real effort to eradicate it from his game and by and large he did that at least at club level. But once a player gets a reputation for diving its very difficult to get rid of that reputation and as a player can discover because of that reputation he will sometimes not get a decision that should have gone his way. From what I have seen so far this season Drogba is another player who is trying to clean up his act - although it would help if he wouldn`t over dramatise the genuine fouls on him. Again none of chelsea`s managers over the last few season have publicly condenmed him for diving but I`m sure that they had a word with him in private just as I am sure that regardless of what he has said in public Wenger did the same with both Eduardo and Eboue.