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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 5, 2009 01:22 Flag

    Fergie Speaks Up on Diving Now that Ronaldo's Gone!

    As usual, some fair points there Wise Son. However, the hypocrisy I was referring to was the fact that Fergie makes this statement to the media in the aftermath of the Eduardo ban rather than make this type of statement when he was quizzed numerous times about diving while Ronaldo was still at the club.

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    • That's par for the course isn't it? Wenger doesn't make this kind of statement during the Eduardo thing, but will at other times, ditto Benitez for Gerrard or past Chelsea managers for Drogba (Ancellotti hasn't been there long enough to summarise his behaviour fairly).

      FWIW, I do remember Fergie expressing his disapproval of diving while Ruud was at it, but of course, refusing to name names, consistent with his statement about public criticism of your own players.

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      • Well are you trying to rationalize behaviour by saying, "I do it because he/they do it too"? Come on Wise Son, we are talking about the greatest British manager here, possibly the greatest ever in the game. So can he not rise above the others? Surely, you cannot defend his hypocrisy by pointing to others that do so?

        And Jigsaw, while you have made your opinion of Sir Alex clear enough, kindly desist from the petty insults. The adults are trying to have a conversation here.