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  • Clive Clive Sep 6, 2009 01:27 Flag

    Muppet England manager.

    Come on F.A. when this England manager fails, as he is going to, get us a manager who won't keep on playing players out of position, Gerrard on the left just so he and Lampard can play together - hasn't this been tried before and it failed you muppet, Gerrard will always, like today keep coming back into the central area, making Roonay play on the left and leaving only one upfront.
    And the manger said he only picks players on the basis of their form, SO WHY HESKEY? Come on you muppet figure it out.
    Left winger such as Milner and Young have done a great job on the left so put them in, you muppet, total idiot.

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    • Too right, a man using what God gave him, keep using it or your become like all the dumb skulls out there.

    • Read what Yorkie B said and try to remember what has happened over the last 3 years with this issue, everyone was saying these 2 players can't play together, and Gerrard is always given more freedom at Liverpool, he is their main player.
      Obviously you were not watching the first half the other day, Gerrard was supposed to be on the left and he was, for about 5 minutes, the rest of the time he was wandering back into the centre and the right side.

    • Ridiculous, great players can always play together as long as they are disciplined in where they are suppose to play. And didn't Gerrard score 27 or so goals in a season when he played on the left for Liverpool? I can't believe you are criticising Cappelo.

    • I don't think we've played 'well' under Capello at all, I think we've been predictably average.

      We lost to France and Spain, in friendlies, and drew with Czech and Holland.

      The only decent game we played was against Croatia away.

      I also agree about Lampard and Gerrard, these two playing in the same team, and getting in each others way has cost us dearly.

      Eriksson tried it and wouldn't listen to EVERY pundit who claimed it was a disaster.

      McClaren, seeing the mistakes of Eriksson, did the same thing, and lost us the 2008 Euros.

      Even my hamster let out a sigh of disbelief when the team was announced.


    • Clive, this is the best England lineup in my opinion that is capable of winning a major tournament:

      ------------------------- Hart/Green ------------------------
      Richards --- Ferdinand/Upson -- Terry -- A Cole
      ----------------------------- Barry ----------------------------
      Walcott/Lennon --- J Cole/Gerrard ------- Young
      --------------------------- Rooney ---------------------------
      ------------------------ Defoe/Crouch ----------------------

      I would play neither Lampard nor Gerrard in the middle. Just play Joe Cole there, who is more creative and a threat there. Have Gerrard come off the bench in the second half to add energy, if needed. Ideally, I would've liked Hargreaves in the holding role and Dean Ashton to play in front of/alongside Rooney, but their careers look like they're over.

      Subs: Green, Upson, Bridge, Gerrard, Beckham, Lennon, Crouch

      Honourable mentions: Johnson, Milner, Lampard, Milner, Owen, Agbonlahor

    • Look the last time, when we failed to qualify that was highly poor and showed a weakness in the England teams attitude and performance level.
      To qualify against the teams we have in this group in a must, anything less people would be right to call for the manager to go as well as those who choose him.
      Part of the problems we had in the past was a manager who failed to learn Lampard and Gerrard do not play well together for England, look at what they do at club level, when was the last time Lampard put in that kind of performance for England?
      Gerrard and Rooney are our best players, the ones who can and have changed the game in a moment, playing either of them out of position is stupid, especially when other have tried and failed to do it before. 18 months ago everyone was speaking about that very issue.
      In the first half yesterday Gerrard was supposed to be on the left and yet he was mainly in the centre, Rooney was having to go out to the left wing because there was no-one there, it's uneven, we have been lucky so-far that none of the teams we have played were good enough to take advantage of that; in the World Cup Final there will be many teams that will take advantage and once that happens we have underachieved again, fantastic.

    • Why don't you apply for the job ? 7 qualifying wins out of 7 isn't good enough for you ? Fergie's got no chance then.

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      • prat, whats the England managers job got to with Fergie, and if you don't have enough brains to challenge someones comments go back to school.
        7 wins out of 7, 1 of them against a team that is decent enough to stand a chance to qualify (Croatia, in case your brain cells were not working again), of course beating the likes of Belarus is just like beating brazil, only to muppets.
        Anything less than 6 out of 7 would have been very poor, sack the manager times; with the players we have got we should be tearing these teams apart and playing players in the wrong position might not cause too many problems against weak oppersition, but the big boys will find us out.

      • He could. I was talking to someone yesterday who was saying her dad always applies for the England manager's job when it's up. Apparently the FA always send him back a letter saying "Thanks, but managing a Premiership club is a minimum requirement for being considered."