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    • not a saucisson, I think they are concerned about purjoring themselves.
      I believe united have offred jobs to parents in the past. I think we gave a groundmans job to the twins' dad. I'm not sure if that is strictly out of bounds though.
      there isnt a major club anywhere in europe right now who arent checking their stories, but if this does trun into a torrent then it could turn out a lot lot worse than bosman ever did.

      in other news, how many times are we going to hear julie covington today ?.

    • Any news yet on the mighty weight of Utd's legal team bearing down on a certain French port? Although I did hear Fiorentina are pondering a complaint to FIFA, and a bit of tidy up paperwork is being done with Empoli as well!

      Personally think the dam has broken following the Chelsea story, so you're going to see a lot of stories like these come out of the woodwork. Most I doubt will have much credence, but some will. Which category the Utd's complaints I have no idea, and be honest nor does anyone on this board either.

      But, I think its fair to say that all the large clubs, may have strayed close to the line. All the debate about contracts, pre-contracts and the like is a bit absurd in my mind. Those are legal questions, and can be sorted very quickly. FIFA may well change its rules regarding what contracts it will accept as binding on international transfers, or even impose an age limit, but all these deals were done at a time when the rules were black and white.

      The real question, and story is if clubs used incentives to encourage players, or their families to move. If they did, then things could get very sticky, and for a change think that FIFA might actually be doing something to clean up the game.

    • What I read in the press said that there WAS a difference:

      Kakuta was under an aspirant contract, an agreement to sign a professional contract once he reached 18. This is what FIFA have decided to be viewed as a binding contract internationally. He was induced to break this by Chelsea, so Chelsea are in trouble.

      Pogba, on the other hand, had a 'contract de non solicitation', as he was only 15, which is an agreement to sign an aspirant contract, like above. These are generally to stop other French clubs signing the player, but not meant to be enforcable internationally. So on this basis, United are not in the wrong.

    • Pad, either you are suffering from the deleterious effects of numerous antimnemonic substances, or your goldfish memory doesn't recall that I set you straight on the Giggs story. His mother gave first refusal to City, and they turned him down leaving the way clear for him to join United, but if you think both Giggs and his mother are lying then please say so. Usually when somebody proves an accusation you have made to have been false, you withdraw that accusation, and accept that you are wrong.

    • It seems not, which is odd. Every club in France is at according to the papers, plus Crewe who are complaining about thieving scousers.
      Le Harve have obviouslly pissed United off big style now, so I guess they need to make sure any evidence they submit is bona fide. If it's falsified in any way I would guess they are not just going to lose the case but potentially get obliterated by United's lawyers and possibly face a criminal prosecution.
      I'd expect the news to break pretty quickly if a formal complaint is lodged.

    • Have Le Harve made a complaint ot FIFA yet or are they still pondering their next action?

    • Still look on the bright side Raj.....if (and I agree its still a big if) you get a similar transfer ban as chelsea, at least that will give Fergie another excuse not to spend all the tens of millions at his disposal

    • and besides, regardless of whether Le Havre prove that Pogba was under a precontract of non solicatation, or aspirant (and it is actually up to united to proove he wasnt anyway); the real crime being investigated here is whether financial enticements were offered to juveniles. So even if FIFA rule that the precontracts are not binding it is still illegal to directly approach a juvenile and offer them financial incentives to join your club (but mind you you wouldnt have Giggs if you hadny done that)

    • come on fabongrass, don't u know the well-known infidel ian "porchmonkey" harris? it is the moniker conferred upon him based on his exploits on the chels... opps, current affairs board.... obrigado friend!!!

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