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    • Just taking that point Lester .... in 2005 the first airline made it OK to use a mobile, not POSSIBLE to use one.

      Also, since 1995 United Airlines had GTE Airfones installed in the back of the seats, which was what the calls were made from.

      In regards to Flight 93, the one that crashed into the field, cellphones don't work at high altitudes, and all the calls high up were made from the GTE Airfones, which are satellite phones..

      However, Flight 93 descended to around 5,000 feet, which is when the cellphones calls started, the crash site itself is at around 2,500 feet, so the altitude the cellphone calls were made at was about the same height, 2,500 feet.

      This knob-end is just a relayer of regurgitated bullshit, unable to hold a decent debate because of his inability to comprehend facts.


    • "also it was not possible for people to make phone calls from the planes because in 2005 an airline made the news as the first airline you could make mobile calls from when in the air"

      You really do need to get out a bit more Clive. Do you believe in aliens by any chance ?.

    • So more than forty people in the streets that saw the plane were all lying.

      So how many saw a missile?

      The plane has mysteriously disappeared with all the passengers and crew ... and they used a missile .... why?

      Why didn't they just fly the plane into the pentagon, like they did the towers, why take a chance on people seeing the missile hit?

      How would they have explained the other plane disappearing?

      Also, according to you loonies, it would have done far more damage.

      Why go to all the bother of pretending it was a plane .... filling it with passengers and crew, taking off, and then ...... what?

      And where is the plane, did they hide it somewhere?

      Did they bury it with all the passengers on board?

      If there had been no film of the two planes hitting the towers idiots like you would have claimed they were missiles too.

      You'd claim an aircraft couldn't have brought the towers down, that it would have to be a missile.

      But with the Pentagon your argument is the opposite, an aircraft would have done more damage, but they faked that and used a missile.

      As to the fake aircraft parts ... how did they get there? There were TV cameras there from minutes after the crash .... were they waiting on a truck somewhere, to be brought in amongst all the workers, press and rescuers?

      The parts are in the very first TV pictures, minutes after the crash, people were everywhere .... how did they get the fake parts in .... mass hypnotism?

      And have you learned anything about your "free-fall" statement yet, I notice you've refused three times to answer, even though you claim to know what you're talking about.

      You're a complete and utter idiot clive, you're not even an informed idiot, just an idiot, a parrot, gullible and squawking ....... who's a pretty boy then? ..... not you.

    • Um, free minds aside, we beat City last year. It was the season before that they beat us home and away (the Munich anniversary).

    • That website's brilliant, straightforwardly blows almost every conspiracy out of the water. Of course, it will just be dismissed as more 'government lies that you sheeple are swallowing because you're too scared to be a free-thinker like us.'

    • I know, but it does get me when people are accepting the stupid lies that have been accepted and then attack others who have a free mind.
      Still Utd won, maybe Hughes will realise he needs a Rooney and Evra in order to challenge Utd, I do hope they do as well against City, we lost twice to them last year, bads days, it's their turn to have bad nightmares this year.

    • no football thread clive, thought you would have wanted to talk about united,
      very selective indeed

    • People can be persuaded to tell lies, but cameras can't, there were over 100 cameras that recorded what happened, the FBI has released a few pictures, none of which shows a plane, all the recordings were taken by the FBI and locked away, why would they lock away the evidence that would prove a plane crashed into their building.
      You see no-one is saying that it did not happen for certain, people are simply saying the evidence highly suggests it did not happen the way we were told it did,
      The hole in the penagon was like it would be if a rocket bomb went through it, remember onl;y one hole, not even big enough for the body of the plane to go through, no marks where the wings whould have hit, no marks on the grass, no holes where the enginines whould have hit, no engines found, no seats found, also it was not possible for people to make phone calls from the planes because in 2005 an airline made the news as the first airline you could make mobile calls from when in the air, they were the first to fit their planes with the devices needed in 2005, and as you know if this was a lie then the soldiers are not allowed to reveal what actually happened, they would be in huge trouble, also it's more likely that your friend did not see a plane, but was told it was a plane.

    • Dozens of people saw it Eric, they had over forty statements.

    • "ALL the evidence confirms the plane hitting the Pentagon" - as confirmed by an eye-witness I worked with; a ex-US soldier who was in the Pentagon at the time.

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