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  • Clive Clive Sep 11, 2009 21:09 Flag

    Charlie Sheen with President Obama

    Mike, sorry but you are wrong.
    How long have you known about the American Union? The one that George Bush Jn signed off on.
    You know the education system in the US is one of the worst in the world, grades have been going down for years, not by accident though; Your TV, Radio, Newspaers, etc, are controlled by only a handful of people, these people can then easily control what you hear and see, and so, think, as well.
    Most people in America know less about America than people in Europe do.
    Not all the information I have seen is right, but if 50% of it is then we have a huge problem coming our way, and sadly most are just like you, they either don't know because they can't be bothered to look or because they have believed all the properganda and rubbish that comes out of your mainstream media news networks.
    I have tested the information, as I test all things, I don't accept anything without testing it first, seeing if the evidence stands up.

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    • You're the one spouting all the crap clive, I've seen both sides of the story, read engineers reports, seen the videos and read the books, far more than I bet you have, and it's bollocks, the only cover-up is an internal security matter, departments not sharing information, and information received not acted upon.

      You couldn't name one single event to do with the towers that hasn't been ridiculed.

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      • Foolish man, anything can be ridiculed, if enough people, such as the highly controlled American news media, keep on saying it's rubbish.
        Anyone, with half an ounce of wisdom, knows the official version is complete rubbish.
        So the towers fell down in a 'pancake effect' did they, no one has come out and explained why both building fell at freefall speed, or that floors were not found pilled onto each other, as they would in a pancake effect, that hundreds of people, even firemen, were coming out of the buildings talking about how they had heard and felt explosives going off all over the buildings, expolosions seen and heard at ground level shortly after planes had hit, and what about the removal of nearly all the steal, within days of 9/11, evidence being removed from the scene of a supposed crime, that is against federal law. None of that has been explained, and that's just the tip of the iceburg.

    • "Not all the information I have seen is right, but if 50% of it is then we have a huge problem"

      If only half of what you've seen is right, then want you've seen is wrong, especially if you can't say what half is right and what is wrong.

      "I have tested the information, as I test all things"


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      • By not accepting what the 'people' believe, the collective, people like you, who know we were lied to concerning weapons of mass destrction, the reasons to go to war and dethone a leader, but of course they wouldn't lie to us about anything else would they.
        For me to list the fullness of what I have learned would take days and you don't get that much space to write on these sites anyway.