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  • Clive Clive Sep 11, 2009 21:32 Flag

    Charlie Sheen with President Obama

    Foolish man, anything can be ridiculed, if enough people, such as the highly controlled American news media, keep on saying it's rubbish.
    Anyone, with half an ounce of wisdom, knows the official version is complete rubbish.
    So the towers fell down in a 'pancake effect' did they, no one has come out and explained why both building fell at freefall speed, or that floors were not found pilled onto each other, as they would in a pancake effect, that hundreds of people, even firemen, were coming out of the buildings talking about how they had heard and felt explosives going off all over the buildings, expolosions seen and heard at ground level shortly after planes had hit, and what about the removal of nearly all the steal, within days of 9/11, evidence being removed from the scene of a supposed crime, that is against federal law. None of that has been explained, and that's just the tip of the iceburg.