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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 12, 2009 21:09 Flag

    Uefa & Fifa double standards

    They accuse English clubs of child slavery for signing 16 and 17 year olds and say nothing about barcelona who have just signed a 7 year old from lyon. Nor have they ever said anything about Messi who moved from Argentina to barcelona when he was only 13. At least premiership clubs wait until a player is past school age.

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    • They are not accusing them of bringing little players that is OK as long as you don't do illegal things like paying parents or things like that. I exactly do not know the rules for youngsters but it is possible to book youngsters and that's what barcelona and manchester did the only problem is chelsea paid people they shouldn't have paid money to. and they are accusing manchester of doing the same.

      Hope they didn't I have never pictured my club as a cheater, only Ronaldo XD