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    New premiership rules

    limit of 25 players aged over 21
    8 of the 25 must be `homegrown`
    no limit on number of players under 21
    squad list to be submitted at the start of the season but can be resubmitted after the January transfer window

    According to reports the club most affected will be liverpool who have a huge squad and only just make the 8 homegrown player qualification.

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    • Just food for thought on this one, has anyone thought through some of the potential unintended consequences of this new ruling?

      This is designed I assume to encourage clubs to train, and retain more local lads. But the way I read the ruling is that to be considered homegrown you need to be developed for at least 3 years at an English or Welsh club before your 21st birthday.

      I see major consequences. First the prices for so called homegrown players is going to inflate beyond their market worth. Fine for the larger clubs who can afford it, but hard on the smaller clubs.

      Second, I can see an influx of teenagers coming in from all around the globe so that English clubs can call them homegrown once they turn 21. Seems to me, this goes at least, against the spirit of recent FIFA comments regarding the international transfer of teenagers.

      So players like your Italian striker, or our Hungarian prospect Nemeth will be considered homegrown. This does seem fair to me as the clubs will have invested a lot by the time they reach 21. However, how many 16 or 17 year olds are clubs going to buy for their reserve teams, just to produce a couple who make it in the first team by the age of 21? There is a potential moral issue of bringing over, really kids, from other countries when realistically most won't make it. But also this influx may actually reduce the number of spots available at acedemies for truely local lads.

      Also, just a note on Liverpool being impacted. While I think the 8 is accurate when you count players who have or are likely to be named to the first team this season, the so called "Huge Squad" is due to Liverpool naming all its non academy, both first team and reserves, while many clubs break these up.

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      • Totally agree that one of the possible outcomes will actually be even more youngsters coming in from overseas and this could lead to even fewer English players in the premiership. Perhaps those behind the rule change expect Fifa to do something about the age at which young players can move to overseas clubs. A ban on under 18s moving countries would mean that clubs would have to look closer to home for their `homegrown` players.

    • Its not going to help the England team at all. It will give young players more of a chance of breaking through at some clubs, but you could quite possibly still end up with a squad completely full of foreigners. If you look at our own team, in a few years time, we'll have Rafael, Fabio, Macheda, Petrucci, Ljaljic to name a few who would all be able to be part of the 8 home grown players, yet not one of them is British.

      The only way it could eventually end up promoting British youth, is if UEFA decided to make any rules on the transfer of foreign youngsters below the age of 18.

      At current, it seems an almost pointless rule as it pretty much changes nothing

    • Totally agree with your last point Lester - many of the papers are giving the impression that utd will be one of the clubs hit the hardest by this rule when in fact they are one of those who already meet the criteria. Aso I, like others made a mistake, its not the fa introducing the new rule but the premier league. I suppose you could argue that their hands are tied when it comes to classifying `homegrown` as EU employment law would forbid them from stating the nationality of homegrown players.

    • Bizarre. The more I'm getting to know this the more it's sounding like a direction to go raid everybody else's acadamies.

      Scudamore says : "we don't apologise for it, it goes nowhere near a nationality test because we don't believe that's right"
      Only the FA could possibly demonstrate this level of ineptitude with such impeccable timing.

      I guess what is now going to happen is that chelsea's technique of loaning out your unwanted Shevchenko's back from whence they came is going to become common place.

      Not sure why the gruaniad chose to stick a picture of us on this page
      when the scousers are the ones with half a dozen Voronins on their books that they wont be able to use.

    • Never mind Scots and Welsh, can anyone explain how this fits in with the European Single Market laws?


    • The really daft part of this rule is that foreign players like Fabregas will qualify as `homegrown` whilst Owen Hargreaves will be classified as an overseas player cause he spent his early years at bayern munich. Yet the fa would have us believe that this rule will help the England team.

    • "So to buy anyone over the age of 21 next summer, somebody will have to give way in that 25 man sqaud." - and if this is true, then transfers suddenly become very messy. You have to sell before you can buy, or have a player on the books being paid for doing nothing as you have to move him out of your squad. There may be some real bargains to be had if a club desperately wants to unload a player to bring a new one in?

      Does this apply to just the premier league or all leagues? If lower leagues, what happens to loan players moving outside the transfer windows?

    • The conclusion I think we eventually came to last night is this: -

      We can have 25 players 21 years of age or over, as long as at least 8 of those qualify as home grown, meaning that before the age of 21, they were developed in this country for 3 years or more. (So it doesn't mean they have to be British. i.e. Kiko Macheda will qualify as home grown in a year or two).

      You can then suppliment that sqaud of 25, with a B list made up of as many players under the age of 21 as you like.

      So to put it into context of our current squad, at January 2010, if I worked this out right, we will have 25 players aged 21 or over, with 12 or 13 of them qualifying as home grown.
      So to buy anyone over the age of 21 next summer, somebody will have to give way in that 25 man sqaud. You can still own more than 25 players over 21, but you wouldn't be able to register all of them for the season. Squads have to be registered at the start of the season and can only be changed during the 2 transfer windows.

    • These 'rules' are just stupid. It doesn't mean you only have 25 player squads, you can have as many as you want if the players over the '25 limit' meet the 'under 21 and 3 years' rule. In practice it will make no difference at all. It just stops a club buying more than 17 over 21 yr old foreigners ( including Scots and Irish). I guess Benitez may have to stop buying 2nd rate Spaniards, but thats about all.
      Can someone explain why 'Welsh' is more acceptable than 'Scots/N.Irish'? Bloody stupid!

    • Does anyone actually understand why these rules are being brought in? What does the FA hope to acheive?

      The 'home grown' rule doesn't mean more English players will emerge; clubs will still raid the continent.

      And you have your squad of 25 eligible players and want to buy someone new - now you have to show someone the door to make way? The employment tribunals will love this.

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