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    New premiership rules

    limit of 25 players aged over 21
    8 of the 25 must be `homegrown`
    no limit on number of players under 21
    squad list to be submitted at the start of the season but can be resubmitted after the January transfer window

    According to reports the club most affected will be liverpool who have a huge squad and only just make the 8 homegrown player qualification.

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    • I wonder how Chelsea fare to, seen as they as it currently stands, will not be able to make any signings next summer before this rule comes into effect.
      I don't think it really changes anything for us, our first team sqaud already comfortably has 8 home grown players in it.

    • So they're limiting squad size, unless you can fill up your squad with lots of youngsters?

      Could certainly be interesting.

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      • i think its 8 under 21 homegrown players which means utd just do it with exactly 8.
        j evans
        c evans

        which means u have 24 other players which is 7 too many!

        so from the following list u would have to get rid of 7!


        da silva
        da silva


        id get rid of kus, neville, park,gibson,owen, brown & tosic

    • I may have misunderstood it as well, but thats the way i've taken it anyway. I think most clubs will be fine, bar 1 or 2 fringe players. They wouldn't of all agreed to it otherwise.
      I agree that I think its a good rule to encourage the development of young players.
      The limitation to a squad of 25 players would only ever really have a slight effect on the top 4 or 5 teams aswell, because most teams in the league don't have squads that big. Plus with the addition of a B-list that you can fill up with as many players who were under 21 the previous January, there's still room for having a bigger overall squad than 25 players too

    • To be honest devon, I think this season will at least be Van Der Sars last here. Giggs is the only one of those 4 I see as definately still being here next season. Again if i've read it write, you can potentially have more than 17 players older than 21 in the squad, they just have to have been developed in this country for 3 years or more from when they were under 21. So for the 2 players you mentioned, only Anderson would be a problem so to speak

    • Trust the fa to come up with a rule which is worded so bad that no one is quite sure what it means. However according to SKY the rule states that

      a club may register only 25 players aged 21 and over - 8 of whom must be `homegrown`
      they may register a B squad of players aged under 21 and there is no restriction on numbers.

      The age is determined by how old a player is in January of that year. So for next season its how old a player is in January 2010 and by then Gibson and Tosic will be 22 and Evans and Anderson 21 - in fact Evans will be 22 on 2nd January. If SKY are correct all four will have to be members of utd`s main squad..

    • From my quick maths, this current squad would still be fine, because we would have 25 players exactly who would be over 21 at that point, with half of them qualifying as home grown. So it only then becomes an issue for the signing of new players over 21.

      I'm sure it will all be clarified in more detail in the coming days, and i'm sure someone in the press will no doubt publish exactly how it could effect every clubs current squads.

    • Crikey, this is all true isnt it ?. Amazing there's sod all in the press so far, but we surely need a beakdown of what this means on a club by club basis.
      Wenger is going to go apolplectic over what this is going to do to the cost of english players. And I can only assume that Capt Pugwash's contingency plan is either
      a) use some of this youth team he doesnt seem to fancy
      b) do a runner
      As for Chelsea, they'll go onto a war footing if FIFA dont back down, this makes it even less likely that they'll make it stick.

    • Does anyone actually understand why these rules are being brought in? What does the FA hope to acheive?

      The 'home grown' rule doesn't mean more English players will emerge; clubs will still raid the continent.

      And you have your squad of 25 eligible players and want to buy someone new - now you have to show someone the door to make way? The employment tribunals will love this.

    • These 'rules' are just stupid. It doesn't mean you only have 25 player squads, you can have as many as you want if the players over the '25 limit' meet the 'under 21 and 3 years' rule. In practice it will make no difference at all. It just stops a club buying more than 17 over 21 yr old foreigners ( including Scots and Irish). I guess Benitez may have to stop buying 2nd rate Spaniards, but thats about all.
      Can someone explain why 'Welsh' is more acceptable than 'Scots/N.Irish'? Bloody stupid!

    • The conclusion I think we eventually came to last night is this: -

      We can have 25 players 21 years of age or over, as long as at least 8 of those qualify as home grown, meaning that before the age of 21, they were developed in this country for 3 years or more. (So it doesn't mean they have to be British. i.e. Kiko Macheda will qualify as home grown in a year or two).

      You can then suppliment that sqaud of 25, with a B list made up of as many players under the age of 21 as you like.

      So to put it into context of our current squad, at January 2010, if I worked this out right, we will have 25 players aged 21 or over, with 12 or 13 of them qualifying as home grown.
      So to buy anyone over the age of 21 next summer, somebody will have to give way in that 25 man sqaud. You can still own more than 25 players over 21, but you wouldn't be able to register all of them for the season. Squads have to be registered at the start of the season and can only be changed during the 2 transfer windows.

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