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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven Sep 20, 2009 14:23 Flag

    Glazers out,or rich backers with them in..!

    I know wev'e heard this before...but what the f**k let's do it again...co's it's p*ssing me off how our club cant compete when we should.Glazers need to realise...as though they dont already know.They alone cant compete now with City,Chelsea,Real even Barca..and proberly a few other's for the top player's in the market.As proved by the last farcical transfer window. Where we were left with the scrap's. Not saying we should keep going to a bidding war for other players,but if the Glazers either sold(unlikey)or got a mega rich consortium together yes tough on them. Because they would have to let them buy into the club(for the right reasons) .They would clear their dept and we could compete with the above mentioned. To me that's the only solution for United to move forward and compete As our turnover is the best but cant sustain there dept and the bying of players to compete with the other's,or fear United will eventually fall further behind the packing order. Im not saying do a city and buy anything that moves.But if we needed a top player or two to add than we would have that chance which hence we dont really have now.Even Hick's at pool is looking at this with Arab backers to come in for them,so i say Glazer's either f**k off sell our great club .That you are ruining or get the backing that this the Biggest and Best.club in the land .should have and not have to scrap for left overs. How insulting on our great club.....!

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