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  • Steve Steve Sep 20, 2009 23:05 Flag

    Todays mistakes

    Very daft mistakes from Ben Foster and Rio Ferdinand today, but you know what, i'll forgive them for the memory of this game. A derby game to remember and one we'll still be talking about for years to come.

    Just don't make a habit of it you pair of plonkers!! ;-)

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    • Todays mistakes were caused by the same problem that has caused most of the mistakes made last season, it the attitude, the way they approach the game; They get a goal and then take their foot off the gas, allowing the opponents to come back at them, even to dominate possession, like they did today, like they did in both games last season against Liverpool.
      Get that sorted out and they will dominate the league and every team in it, they need to get back to the way Utd played 10 years ago, when teams were scared of coming to Old Trafford, teams expected to get nothing when they came to Old Trafford, they now expect to get something.

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      • Foster is unlikely to make the same mistake as he made for the first goal on another occassion as he has now learned his lesson.What he was trying to do would have been successful against most teams but Tevez just didnt give up.His premiership experience is not extensive and i think he will become an excellent keeper and he will learn from his mistake.Just like Fletcher i think we need to persevere with him and he will come good.

      • It is a different league now, though. Back then, if you lost 4 games all season, you weren't going to win the title, there was such a gulf between the title contenders and relegation contenders. I do agree that we need that more clinincal edge to finishing games off, though, but I don't think you can expect a return to 99.

    • Trouble is they do make a habit of it...cant defend brittle....basically....sh*t ...just getting away with it...dippers & chelski...must rubbing their hand's ...in anticipation...need to improve ...!

    • Foster will be under strict instructions to HOOF the ball from here on out I hope, because his next mistake like that will be 'career over'.

      Rio's...even the best make one mistake a season, this was Rio's, what a lucky muppet!

    • Fosters is unlikely to ever be replicated, there isnt that many players willing to do that much charging down as Tevez does, his work rate is near enough the only thing about Tevez i found anywhere near decent.

      Ferdinands was tottally unforgivable, he even helped illustrate his major lack of pace in his "old age"

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      • Rooney giving up middle of ball for Tevez shot off the post - sloppy which could have been very costly.

        Evra's weak header in middle of the park gifted the ball to Shitty for them to get a break and Bellamy get a spectacular shot off.

        I've seen this complacency at end of games that has almost cost us twice. Rooney did it against Arsenal where we got lucky that Gallas strayed into an offside position. Need to finish games off more convincingly.