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  • Clive Clive Sep 21, 2009 01:26 Flag

    Fletcher causes us a big problem.

    First, Fletcher has improved and made himself a first 11 player, without a doubt, anf his goals today were very useful.
    The reason why I believe he causes us a big problem is due to the lack of real leadership, the type that Keane gave.
    Utd have for the past few seasons been playing very dodgy football at times, today was another example of that. They work hard and keep the pressure on until they score, then take their foot off the gas and sit back, allowing teams back into the game. Keane was always giving the team a rollocking if they took their foot off the gas and without him or someone like him they all just settle back after scoring.
    Fletcher is not that type of leader, the problem that causes is that Fergie won't be looking for a Keane type of player because Fletcher is doing well.
    Rooney is the only player we have who could fullfill that role. But is he ready?

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    • There will never be another Keane although there may be comparisons with him .United currently have players like Rio.Giggs.Fletcher,Rooney and even Vidic who can be just as influencial as Keane was without all the outbursts.In my opinion Fletcher,rather than creating a problem for United has solved a problem without spending a large sum of money as he is doing all the fetching and carrying in the midfield and now just needs to maintain his consistency.

    • Sorry this is just a ridiculous statement. You really think these players don't expect the best out of one another and don't push each other?

      You really think you can win 3 titles on the trot and all the others without each of the players pushing each other? You are myopic in your view on how a leader should be and thus keep preaching the Keane type.

      There are leaders throughout the pitch for United. VDS (when fit), Giggs quiet but, there leading. Rio, Vida, Neville, Fletcher (though you know he defers to the seniors), Rooney.

      They all lead and push the players around them.

      Ultimately if you are expecting a Keane type leader, you'll be left wanting. Keano was unique and at the end, his leadership style also had it's drawbacks.

      Lastly on the letting the foot off the gas. That comes from the manager. If SAF isn't pushing the players to continue attacking and press and instead instructing to just pass the ball around and play cautious, that's on him. Not the lack of leaders on the field.

    • No, I was talking about Europe, Madrid are scoring but leaking like a sieve as usual. Barca are winning, but not 'killing other teams off'. Have you seen any Italian games ? I have they are on all the time here and no-one is 'killing games off'.
      This thread is about midfield.

    • should not have to put him on ignore, i respected his opinion, he didnt respect mine, so really, if he does not like what he hears, he should not reply, or respect the fact that other fans dont agree with him rather than try to belittle them. read through all the posts and you will see he was the twat, not me.

    • Fair enough, but two wrongs don't make a right mate. Just stick him on ignore if you can't stand him

    • steve i answered the posts and then he tried to belittle me by saying it was like explaining it to a kid, just because my opinion differs, if he dont talk down to me, no problem, but i wont let him talk to me like that. im fked off with people putting down a team that wins trophies year in year out and then moments after the derby this idiot slags off fletcher.

    • clive, you made it about the midfield by the title of your thread mate, and by focusing on Roy Keane.
      I agreed in principal at the point of how we are quieter on the field than when we had Keano, but I don't agree with you questioning the desire and hunger of the players. We simply wouldn't have won the silveware we have over the last 3 years for a start without that never say die atitude and will to win that Fergie has instilled in all squads he's assembled here.
      I do also agree with the point muta made that players like Keano are a rare breed these days, as footballers in general have become more soft. You only have to look at what a big pansy Didier Drogba is for an example of that!
      I was anxious coming into the season with a lot of question marks against the sqaud, and namely players like Anderson, but so far (apart from the Burnley game!), I think they've shown very good signs of actually starting to live upto their potential. There's still plenty of room for improvement, there always is, but I am confident in the squad of players we have.

      p.s. there's no need to start slagging clive off Lynden just because we may not agree with his opinion. We are all entitled to air our views and opinions and that should be respected without the need for abuse mate.

    • clive, just get lost you fking anti-united tosser, i have seen your posts and they are 90% negative, true fans back their club no matter what, and get behind the team, not slag them off hours after a thrilling derby, if you fancy trying to shut me up, im going to sunderland game hopefully october 3, just hope i dont sit next to you as i will end up shutting that fking ugly mug of yours and you will be eating out of a straw. fk off and dont bother me again prick

    • No Jim w, it's not about captains either. greatmuta24 is the only one who has understood the issue, its about the need for players like Keane, who expect and demand performance from themselves and others, who won't accept the 'we've done enough attitude'.
      I also don't believe De Rossi is the right man.

    • I know this isn't about De Rossi, but his name keeps popping up in threads about our midfield ( and yes Clive, that was what you were talking about,'captains' can be in any position, but you talked about Fletcher and Keane).
      De Rossi was in the Roma midfield in all the games played recently against United, where our midfield completely outplayed Roma's in every match. How anyone can seriously think he would add appreciably to what we already have is beyond me. But then he is 'foreign' and would cost a lot.....

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