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  • Clive Clive Sep 21, 2009 22:29 Flag

    Fletcher causes us a big problem.

    Jim w... This thread is not about the midfield needing to be improved.

    And this League is not Europe, Barca are killing teams off, so are Real Madrid, as are other teams in Europe, the toughest team Chelsea have played is spurs, and until they lost King and were not given the obvious penalty they were in with a chance.

    I don't want just another player in, I want to see Utd playing with the passion, desire and hunger they had between 93 and 03.
    Seriously, games like the one against City are a nightmare to watch, every time they slowed down and let city have the ball you could see what was going to happen, I've seen it too many times before in the past few years, we were lucky on Sunday, the ref could have blown the final whistle a minute earlier, we can't expect to keep riding our luck, one day it will run out and until they realise they have to keep the pressure on for the whole game we will have to keep hoping luck is on our side.
    Yes in the 2nd half, after we conceded the rocket shot from Bellamy and until we went 3-2 up we were all over City, we pushed and hassled and pressed, but Rio's lapse showed that after scoring the 3rd goal the attitude changed, until they got their 3rd. And thats what this thread is about.