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    Sorry about the 'broken record' but United need a replacement for VDS.
    Foster can produce good saves but his decision making and general intelligence is poor. As well as the Tevez incident, he got the angles hopelessly wrong with Bellamy's second goal. This is not something a top GK 'learns' on the job, you either have it or not, and he hasn't.
    A top team needs a top keeper, and they are as rare as top centre-forwards. I will be interested in seeing the CSKA man, who together with the German U-21 guy seems to be in the running for a January deal. The sooner VDS is back, the better, with him yesterday, United would have won by at least 2 clear goals, an excellent second half performance.

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    • I'd say TK as, even though we will play a largely reserve side, we still want to get through so there will be a sprinkling of experience.

      Wonder if Owen will play?

    • "whether you like it or not" ??
      So who are you going for then Eric, Tomasz or this Zeigler kid ?. I'd go for Ben as I think he'd benefit from the game.

    • Firstly Foster made that decision because the first time he tried to hoof it upfield it hit Tevez and could have gone in the goal, so he tried to dribble it to create space to hoof it forward, but our defenders should not have tired to leave it to Foster, they know Tevez and know how he troubled keepers last year for us.
      Foster should be given a few more games to settle in and allow him to get used to what the defenders do and vice versa, remember last year he hardly played and when he did play it was for the reserves.

    • I still think there's potential in Ben, and I think he is a very good shot stopper, but the recent mistakes are not very encouraging. The mistake for the first can easily be ironed out as many have said by telling him to hoof it, but the second error was all down to poor positioning and timing. I think he can improve on that the more he plays, with the more his confidence will grow. He's probably not got too many more weeks to prove he can cope with the pressure, because i'd imagine Edwin isn't a million miles away from fitness now. I wonder whats going through Tomasz Kuszczaks head at the moment too? If we see any more errors from Ben over the next week or 2, maybe its time to give him a shot? Personally i'd also like to see Zieler get a chance against Wolves on Wednesday

    • The two cock ups wth tevez early on I think can be ironed out, though they werent very encouraging, He did keep his head though for the rest of the match when having the ball played to him. I dont think "just hoof it" is appropriate advice.
      But the last goal is more serious. As you say, you just cant teach that. He went down far too early and was in the wrong positon anyway. Bellamy may still have scored but he was left with a gaping space to just pass it through and didnt have to dink it.
      It's a shame cos after his performances of late, especially againsty spurs, I thought he was making good progress in his bid to put edwin into retirement, which surely has to be his goal. But one more cock up now and he's going to be playing mid table football with the rest of England's candidates.
      The good news s that we still have VDS, and at least Foster has had a shot at it.

    • Its not as if VDS hasn`t made mistakes and the problem for goalkeepers is that more than any other player their mistakes tend to end up in goals. Foster`s had very little 1st team experience since joining utd and that`s one of the main reasons why his decision making is poor.

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      • Its true he's had little first team experience in United's team, but he got a fair bit with Watford.
        However I am not criticising his shot-stopping capabilities, he is good in this respect. But as I've said before, being a keeper at United is more about concentration, and making the right decisions. This is a function of mental strength and inate intelligence. You either have this or not, no amount of playing time will give it to you. In fact all that happens is that mistakes are made and confidence ebbs away.
        Neither of our 'reserve' keepers has it. But then after 'the big Dane' no-one has had it until VDS. Its rare. But most big clubs try to get someone with it. Chelsea, Liverpool, Madrid ,Barca ( to a lesser extent), Inter and Juve have one; Arsenal, Milan and Bayern don't which is partly the reason for their current underperformance.
        United need one to replace VDS or our defense will decline. Its a crucial part of team confidence.