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  • Clive Clive Sep 22, 2009 01:47 Flag

    clive the muppet

    To everyone who has commented on this thread, I invite you to look at the comments on the thread about Fletcher being a problem,
    Firstly you will notice I said, the problem is that Fletcher is doing well and that means Fergie won't be looking for another Keane, that is why Fletcher was mentioned, because he is playing the defensive role in midfield.
    Second, Leaders can come from any position, Rooney was mentioned as the one who could fill the role Keane had as a strong leader who demands high level performances all the time.
    Thirdly, so unique started the slagging off, as he always does, with his message - made at 5:14am, on thge 21st - ending in 'shut the fk up now go away as your boring me'; have a look at that message and my reply and his abusive responce to that.
    If he does not like my comments he does have to read them or respond to them, but he loves trying to make himself look good and tough all the time.
    The fact that he did not consider the original comments before responding is not down to me.

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