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  • im a united fan, just like you. i dont know if you go to games but i do so would like to call myself a true red.
    now, your post yesterday highlighted fletcher causing a problem, steve, the nice man of the board, shimo, legend, ian and myself all had different views and opinions to yours, each 1 of us you tried to state your point whilst not accepting anyone elses as valid, this board is about opinions and im sorry but you would not accept the opinions of 5 others compared to no one agreeing with yours, i have gone through the whole thread and am satisfied that i tried to give my view in a good way, i in fact replied to you 4 times and not once did you say fair comment, after that i just got bored listening to the same record.
    5 people mate with a different view to you, so it was not about me wanting to be heard, it was 5 of us being unheard from someone trying to preach their view rather than accept differing opinions, respect another persons view even if you dont agree, i gave you it in the outset, but you would not accept mine or anyone elses opinion, if you cant take it, then tell the bible mate, you might get sympathetic ears that way, or accept others views and you wont get vitriol thrown your way.
    this is an olive branch, but i wont offer it twice.

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    • You gave me respect in the offset, really, this is the first part of your first comment ( i would hate to stand next to clive at a match, it would be like sitting next to a schizophrenic with massive paranoiah), I responded with (So called Unique, Yes we won, but I saw a major problem there and wondered what other fans thought about it, they don't have to agree, and most, like you, won't even have seen the problem, but that does not mean the problem does not exist.
      The way they play when they are going forwards, trying to score is fantastic, but then the way they play after they have scored is very poor and is a huge problem against decent teams, and as a fan you should have noticed this already.
      You then wrote about schoolboy errors and derby days, I then responded with the message about Utd dominating until they score and then they sit back and allow opponents back into the game, like they did against Liverpool both times; you then commented that our midfield is not as strong as it was before, etc , I then wrote that this thread is not about our midfield being weaker than it was before, or about Fletcher not being good enough, it's about not having a real captain leader out there and the fact that with Fletcher doing well Fergie is not going to look for another Keane. You then started to be more disrepectful and abusive.
      I did consider all the points made, but I kept on having to tell people it was not about Fletcher or the midfield it was about the backing off and allowing teams back into games and only one person responded with comments about that issue, everyone else tried to make it about me not liking Fletcher or having a go at our midfield, the whole team is involved in the attitude change after scoring, Rio's lapse was about the same thing, he dropped off a bit and was sloppy as a result.
      If your going to come with an olive branch it does not help if your handed it over with an added its all your fault and my threats continue with but i wont offer it twice.