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  • Due to the previous haslle the joke was not seen as a joke.

    I would say the same - put me on ignore, don't respond or if you are going to respond the please give me and everyone else the respect by responding to what was said, I know you get peed off sometimes and I know that sometimes I make comments that people won't like, I see the good and the bad and will comment on both, you seem to try to only see the good, an optimist, but I am a realist, although that does not mean I am always right, the world needs optamists pesamists and realalists, (don't quote me on the spelling).

    I used to live in kent, my ex wife still lives in the Medway area, as does the mother of my son, I don't ever want to go bak to kent, I have been to Sittingbourne delivering kegs to pubs in the area.