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    • If you can't get to see Utd live or its not on Sky try either of these links:

      They are the best I have come across for live football tubes, the picture quality is usually very good and commentary usually in English.

    • That name is great, the way Jon takes the mickey out of it every time, Jon was good, he did not go over the top, it was little jokes and he showed the man respect as well, knowing that although the evidence looks as if he is guilty with no doubt, he has not found guilty yet.
      There will always be pieces missing concerning the masons, as you could only get all the information if your in the top trust area, if the were after control they are not likely to come out and tell everyone openly, are they, but its like the issue of the warnings they got about the attacks, it took people years to get any clear evidence, they had to piece hundreds of reports together to get the clear situation, it was only let out bit by bit, often not given much attention, the film press for truth shows that very clearly, I suggest you download it, its worth a watch.

    • I can see where all of these factors start to build up a convincing image, but there's still a few too many leaps and circumstantial pieces of evidence for me.

      Also, Blagoievitch is ridiculous, I loved that interview.

    • Clive, I urge you to read Robert Anton Wilson's "Illuminatus" trilogy (written in collaboration with Robert Shea), which was a satirical swipe at conspiracy theories of this kind, although it was, unfortunately, not recognized as such by many readers, and consequently a whole movement developed that actually believed in the literal truth of this material, mistaking fiction for fact. The symbols on the dollar bill are emphatically not Masonic, and were not designed by a Mason (do some proper research, young man!).

      I corresponded with Wilson in the early nineties, and he was genuinely disturbed about the consequences of his work and people's inability to distinguish between a satirical work and reality,as he was quite cognizant of the fact that much of the Illuminati/Masonic conspiracy theory in contemporary times was directly traceable to his trilogy .

    • "We know for sure that the Bush government allowed it to happen"

      WE know no such thing.

      The only 'mystery' about 9/11 is the lack of communication between the FBI, (who were informed about the hijackers taking flying lessons and not wanting to learn how to take off and land), the CIA who weren't informed, and the government who are unable to control the intelligence services.

      How you can believe that information was locked away that proved the Bush administration was responsible is beyond me.

      That information is available to many people, and many government departments, including the present democrat administration, do you honestly believe they would keep the Bush admins secrets?

      Anyone with half a brain would realise that evidence like that would have been destroyed, not put somewhere that is available for scrutiny.

      9/11 was, in part, a total cock-up by the US security services, not an inside job, and even if they had been awake, and done their jobs, it's still not certain they could have stopped it.


    • Yes G.W.Bush certainly would not be capable to organise anything, but his family could.
      His brother was the head of security of the towers, so he certainly could have organised the explosives to be put in place, Jeb Bush was also a member of The Project for the New American Century who wrote "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor...".
      As for the masons, they have people in all the most powerful positions, all the top politians, police, army, etc, bankers and other big companies, the dollar bill is covered with masonic images, Washington was designed by masons and was designed with streets making up the symbols and the Pentagon is in a pentagon, which is a very high symbol for the masons.
      The likelyhood is that they control all those areas, as all masons in a lodge have to obey the head mason of that lodge, the funnist thing I have discovered is that the highest lodge is in London, all the lodges come under that one and so it is possible that England is still the one that controls most of the world, even America.
      The masons are very secretive, a mason cannot reveal any of the inner workings, if they do they will do so knowing they will suffer a very painful death, we know the idea of a New World Oder came from the masonic order as is mentioned on the dollar bill.
      The most powerful players are the Rothschild family, the Rockefeller family, the Bush family, the Kennedy family, and the Warburg family, to name but a few.
      The masonic family is like a pyramid and only the most powerful families reach the top of the pyramid, those in the bottom half don't know what is all about and those in top have members in all the top areas of power in all the most powerful nations, so its not that difficult to control things from there, if you can gain control of the money in a nation you can control the nation, easily.
      The daily show was good tonight, they had the bloke on that has the funny surname, the one who tries to sell Obamas seat.

    • That is, indeed the Power of Nightmares.

      As for Bush, I just can't help thinking that he was capable of little else than being a puppet. Look at his history, he has utterly failed in every venture he's put his hand to - college (he was a cheerleader for Christ sake), oil industry, managing sports teams, you name it. He's been constantly bailed out by his dad, and has shown no signs that there's anything there to make him a competent human, much less a national leader.

      The masons strike me more as an old boy's club, than a sinister conspiracy, although that wouldn't mean that individual members don't have agendas. The sinister theories do strike me as too reminiscent of the Protocols of the Elder of Zion that was mentioned earlier to be taken seriously.

      It would be difficult to imagine a serious version of the Daily Show, as it would have to be more incorporated into the media that they satire.

    • Respect levy, I see your point, we are coming from slightly different areas and as is often the case, two people see an incident and both come back with different views on it.
      The 9/11 issue is very complicated, some do believe Bush and his cronnies were behind it totally, which is possible, in 1962 the FBI was planning to use a plane to blame Cuba - the idea was take a plane, make it appear like a commercial plane, put agents on a commercial plane, land that one one then have the fact plane take over its route, the fake plane is being remotely flown, and then blow the fake one up blaming Cuba; If they could do that in 1962 what could they do in 2001?
      We know for sure that the Bush government allowed it to happen, they had plenty of warnings and did nothing to stop it.
      I will have a look at the link you have given.

    • It was good tonight, I always record it on the sky+box.
      The powere of nightmares, is that a 3 part thing, I looked on btjunkie.org, they have 3 that can be downloaded, 2 of them have 3 films to them, both have the Phantom victory and the shadows in the cave, but also 1 of them has The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear and the other one has in its place Baby It's Cold Outside. Do you recognise anything from those descriptions?
      The problem with Bush is that it may all have been an act or he was just a puppet, but so is the new boy, they all claim to be Christians because they want the vote of the christian right and left, but they are masons and as masons they are serving the masonic agenda, not the American agenda. It was quite bizzare in the 2004 Elections, both people wanting - or supposedly wanting - the votes were part of the same masonic lodge at Yale, therefore they could not be competing against each other, it was the most obvious time to see what was really going on.
      Yes, the daily show certainly shows up the stupidity of the news networks in the USA, I just wish there was a serious example of the daily show, a programme that shows the corruption in politics and the media and then shows why the media has turned into an extention of the government message board, no longer giving us real news or investigating the facts before spewing (spelling may be a bit dodgy on that word) them out.
      Good night.

    • http://www.colbertnation.com/home

      Have a look, he's hilarious and inciteful, as long as you get The Joke (sounds weird, but when you watch it, you'll know what I mean). He is indeed an ex-Daily Show 'reporter'.

      I realised the Daily Show started again yesterday, and was bloody gutted when I realised that I'd missed a couple. Before it started showing over here I was really intrigued about American friends and aquaintences who all said that it was a comedy show that gave better insight into the news than all the 24-hour news networks.

      My view on 9/11 certainly tends towards a criminal level of neglect from the Bush administration (of which, I also agree, Bush was little more than a figurehead, rather than a decision-maker) in ignoring some very clear signs that such attacks were imminient, but I think my posts here have made that position pretty clear.

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