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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Sep 24, 2009 19:08 Flag

    Where did Jesus come from?

    Gonna have a stab at speaking for my mate Roger and say that was sarcasm Clive...

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    • Legend, I could not care less, although I thought we were getting on ok, but then you go and back up yorkie slagging me off all the time. I would have thought you would know him by now, he gets pleasure out of bringing people down to his level, to wind them up until they lose it, then he backs off because he has got what he wanted, when someone put a thread on slagging him off he does not reply, he does not need to, he has already done his work, but if you want to back up the evil one go for it.

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      • WHAT THE F*CK????!!!!

        That was quite the little fit you just had yourself there Clive!

        I haven't 'slagged you off' or even taken sides with butch, who yes I do get on with, and no you wouldn't be the first person who has told me to stop talking to him, as pathetic as that is!

        I merely pointed out some facts in regards to the topic, how is that 'backing up the evil one'?!

        It takes two to tango Clive, you're responsible for your own actions, so if Butch wants to 'wind you up til you lose it' and 'bring you down to his level', its you who makes the decision to descend down there whilst losing the plot!