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    Where did Jesus come from?

    You'd think someone who calls himself a born again christian would have no difficulty answering a simple question like that ... wouldn't you?

    It's quite a simple question, no catches.

    Did Jesus come into being at his birth to Mary?

    Did god 'make' him before his Earthly birth?

    Has he always existed, like god?

    I'm an atheist and I know the answer, why doesn't saint clive?


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    • Come on then, you claim to know the answer, go ahead, tell everyone.

    • Im with Clive on this one, he flew in on a stork. Then there was lots of magical stuff going on like the tooth fairy and santa and parting the red sea stuff

    • Most are wrong. God never existed, Jesus or Mohammed were just blokes in the street. They didnt do anything magical, it was just chinese whispers amongst people that evolved over 2000 years. In my opinion religion was made up to stop people worrying about death.

      Its like the Jedi bollocks. In 2000 years it'll probably be a religion and that Darth Vader did all these wonderul things with a light saber

    • "Darth Vader did all these wonderul things"

      He sure did, he showed kids how to cross the road safely.

    • Yes but they believe (or are supposed to) that anyone of the Abrahamic faith should be a Muslim, Islam to them dates back to the very beginning, and thats why Jesus, or 'Isa' to them is the number two prophet in the Quran, and in actual fact I think his name can be flound in there more than Mohammeds...but dont quote me on that I was informed by a scholar on the subject!

    • Oh dear clive, what a complete fucking dickhead you are. ALL christianity was catholic except the coptics, which more or less became catholic 1500 years ago. Non catholic christianity came about with the reformation in 1517, which was the beginning of protestantism.

      Where do you think your christianity came from then? What are it's origins?

      You know absolutely nothing about anything, and the more you open your mouth, the less you know.

      So come on, tell us the origins of your christian faith??


    • Was he a united fan?

    • That's it, 5:00am and I'm off to bed, I'll give you time to learn a bit about the religion you claim to belong to and I'll be back later to rip you to pieces again.

      Just to save you some embarrassment, read about Constantine, read about christianity before constantine, before the councils of Nicea.

      See what the vote was when they had to decide whether or not Jesus was divine.

      Read about the Arian Heresy in regards to the original question I asked you.

      See what was believed in, and what was rejected at the councils.

      See what the early christians believed that was later called heresy.

      Look at the list of gospels that were rejected, including the Gnostic gospels.

      Read the gospel of James, (as dictated to him by his brother Jesus, according to the gospel).

      When you've done that, see what you believe now, according to your religion, that conflicts with the early christians, and you'll see a completely different religion.

      And then apologise for claiming you know more about the subject than me.


    • My belief comes from faith.
      You have no idea what you are talking about, you have a little bit of knowledge, your aim is to disprove Christianity and so you believe the rubbish that it was created by the Catholic Church, even basic history tells us the Catholic church was set up by Constantine and history tells us about him and about him setting up the council you were speaking about, all of which was done over 300 years after the death of Christ, therefore after the birth of Christianity.
      Catholocism did take over, obviously it would with the backing of the Roman Empire, then the C of E, then the Baptist church, the Evangelical, etc,etc.
      Enough said, I have had enough of playing your games, you just want people to get as abusive as you do, then you back off because you have now got what you wanted, to bring them down to your level.

    • More important is what team did he support?

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