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  • Fergies..Babes Fergies..Babes Sep 26, 2009 20:18 Flag

    Sorry Nani but your days at United are numbered

    Im probably gonna be piss a few fans with this topic as it has been a debate that has been discussed so much since we signed him.
    Firstly i consider myself to be a patient bloke who doesnt get on players backs at the first opportunity but my opinion on Nani has done a massive u turn as i have always stood by him in the past.

    This isnt so much because of his ability which i have serious doubts over anyway but more because of his football brain.

    The guy has some attributes in his locker such as some skill a liitle pace and can hit the odd wonder goal (although few and far between). His best skill is finding the space to shoot (usually cutting inside)

    Downsides though are his crosses are often poor, his decision making and vision is so bad especially at picking the right pass!! Sometimes i just want to scream at him as he just cant do the simple things well. He often has to go to far and once under pressure he ends up losing the ball or just generally being wasteful.

    And he is very selfish. Ive always thought he may cut that out of his game but its still there. But most of all he just hasnt improved which just doesnt make sense after playing with a squad as good as Uniteds for the last 2 years. Im really dissapointed as i had such high hopes but i think he is hindering other youngsters.

    Dont know if anyone noticed it on wednesday but the look on SAFs face during the match on a couple of occasions during some abysmal play by Nani gives me the impression he wont be around much longer, within a year IMO. He can always be proud that he played his part in a very successful period in Uniteds career (2x prem,1x CL etc etc).

    Its a shame as ive heard he does a fooking mean MJ impression at the annual xmas bash!

    Joking aside theres no shame in not making it at United as there is alot of clubs out there who would be willing to give him a go.

    Am i being harsh perhaps and is he a worthy squad player?

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    • reminds me if kieran richardson maybe we can loan him to wigan and see if he pulls his socks up

    • you are being "harsh" at the same you've said the truth & lets the truth be told. Nani is playing rubish especially in premier & champions leagues might be they are too big for him.

    • Harsh very harsh.

      SAF had a LOT of patience on Ronaldo and why he can't have it on Nani

      Why does Nani has to play always on the left if he is right footed and I have seen him play better on the right, he didn't play good enough last game but he did better than Valencia

    • Come on folks lets be realistic here, Nani is a player who could make it like Ronaldo did or could be like many others and be not quite good enough, at the moment he is somewhere in the middle, but ask yourselves were you saying that Richardson would make it, he played well sometimes, the manager gave him many chances and many years to improve, and many would have been saying he won't make it, but also most of those who only see the good in Nani probably were saying the same about Richardson.
      Richardson has been a success at Sunderland and if Nani does not make it he will still be a success at a lower level.
      But why is it that so many of you who have a go at someone who asks such a question about a player and says that don't have a clue about football or the 'your not a Man Utd fan'. If you can only see the good a player does then its you who does not know anything about football, your part of the problem, friends need friends who are prepared to be honest, you wouldn't be, you the same as the friends who tell a friend to go on X Factor 'you do have the x factor and your such a great singer', then we hear them and they are tone deaf, if only their friend had been honest with them, they could have been spared the laughter and harsh comments, to have their unrealistic dream shattered in such a way, and you would have been telling the bankers they were doing such a good job, just what the country and Man Utd don't need.

      We all hope Nani comes out in his next game and shows us we only saw the catterpillar, the butterfly is now here, we would all love it if Nani improves so much that Madrid offer us £100 million plus Ronaldo to buy Nani, Miracles can happen.

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      • Having a differing opinion is not having a go. Maybe one person questions your footballing mind/who you support but, whatever.

        The problem is these threads start up each time Nani has a mediocre game. The game is littered with people with potential that never make it and on the other side it has people that were written off and have become fantastic players.

        You cannot ignore the fact that last year Nani's development as a player took a terrible hit. His time on the bench didn't serve him ( United for the long run any good - short term was fine since we used players that were in form).

        The comparisons to Ronaldo IMO should cease as far as to the type of player Ronaldo has developed. Not everyone given time will develop into the worlds best player. That's a rarity.

        That said at the start of this season, we started to see how good Nani could be. Decision making is constantly brought up but, we saw that improvement in the first few games, then he got hurt. missed the Burnley game, then we got into must wins and Giggs being on form, Nani suddenly is back to playing 10 min here, 1 game there 20 min there. For anyone, any human being, it is very easy to fall into bad habits learned over years. A lot of those habits are broken through repetition.

        The bad shot he took against Wigan that sailed over when he could have laid it off - don't be ridiculous. Every player once in a while will do that, doesn't matter if they are good decision makers or not. Rooney does it, Ronaldo did it and Nani will do it (and hope he does continue make the "wrong" choice because he has the ability to score the spectacular). That strike goes in and people rave about him - the strike goes into the stands - how crap he is.

        Do not dare compare Nani now to Giggs now. That's just silly. Giggs is having a real purple patch and I don't think you can name another player in the league he would outshine out there on the left right now. Nani is doing some really good things down there on the left, him and Evra had developed a great relationship down the left. I hope to see that contiue and I believe it will.

        I will question if Nani is the first one to training and the last one to leave like the stories we used to hear about Ronaldo? If not then he needs to because he can use the help but, Valencia needs more help on that front than Nani.

        I just hope there someone within the coaching staff at United is working on the deficiencies. My opinion is he's shown the ability to fix them but, the start/stop nature of his involvement in games has made it not stick.

        Right now I am more worried about Valencia than Nani.

    • Yes, and that was the time Ronaldo won you a cup final and emerged into the United side...your point being?

    • To be honest RedReligion (Rich?), your post could have been describing Ronaldo in his first few seasons with us, the only difference being that Ronaldo was given more opportunities/starts, and was shown a lot more faith by the manager.

      If it wasn't for a very good save yesterday, Nani would have scored a cracking goal. I hope Fergie continues to stick with him for the rest of the season, so he can develop his obvious talent.

      We have to be patient and keep faith with him through his bad performances, he deserves the same chance to prove himself as Ronaldo, Fletch and Anderson.

    • Fergies comments after the game said it all.
      Alex Ferguson: "Ryan (Giggs) is important. He made the goals. I felt his intelligence would give them a bit of bother on that side of the pitch. Nani did pretty well but Ryan gives you something else. He has the intelligence to take up good positions. For the first goal he went on a lovely run behind their defence and the second was an excellent free-kick."
      Ryan gives you something else than Nani, he has the intelligence to take up good positions, so even Fergie is saying Nani does not have the intelligence to take up good positions.
      High praise for Giggs, but not for Nani, so is Fergie now thinking Nani's days are numbered, unless major improvement is seen and seen fast, he has youngsters coming though who could claim to be worth a chance.
      Nani still has potential and is only 22 so maybe he will be given more time, but I think this will be a key season for him and his future with Utd.
      It seems that in Portugal young players are taught to dribble the ball, but not to cross, they are taught how to look good, but not about team play, especially where wingers are concerned.

    • Nani hardly played for United last season, whilst Valencia had a full season of games.

      This season they have both played the same number of games in what is a different team from last season.

      So that makes it a bad excuse for why Nani has had better games, this season.

    • I love the way it's Nani who gets all the flak, the truth is the whole team was crap, Fletcher was invisible, as was Berbatov until the last 20 minutes, Rooney did nothing, O'Shea scored a goal and nothing else, Scholes kept the ball over on the right when there was no play there and he should have been switching sides.

      The game was a procession of long balls that went nowhere, it came alive when Giggs came on not because Nani went off, but because there was someone in the centre with a few good ideas.

      This sounds like the same people who were calling Ronaldo a one trick pony in his second season, and screaming get rid of him every time he lost the ball.

      Ronaldo only came good when he was allowed to drift into the centre, he was not a natural winger, and neither is Nani.


    • Totally right,he's no ronaldo,not that im comparing.
      Real,or Barca wouldnt have nani,so why should we,he's not good enough for United.Or are we going backwards.

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