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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 2, 2009 17:12 Flag

    Which Prem players would you want at Utd?

    Quite a consensus on Torres, Essien and Fabregas on here. Not surprised as think these three would make any team a heck of a lot better.

    For me you need Essien and Fabregas more, as I'd say your central midfield is the weakess point on your squad. You've got a solid back line, and time will tell if Owen will prove a dependable back up striker, but I'd throw Rooney in to that grouping of players that would make any team better.

    Also, while Torres would improve you, not sure he'd be a great fit for you. Curious how he'd play alongside Rooney, but think it would work best if Rooney dropped deeper as a second striker with that pairing. Torres also works best when he's got a couple really creative and mobile players behind him, either to feed him balls, or just as often creating space for them with his own movement. Great for a Giggs, and maybe a Nani on his day, but not so much Valencia or Carrick. But a Cesc/Torres combo week in week out might be phenominal. Failing that, maybe Arshavin and Torres.

    Great thread Clive, hope you don't mind a slightly different perspective on it.

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    • oh look, dsteer on here again, only this time we are not a mobile or creative enough midfield for torres fk me how did we win the league over that great team liverpool, and how on earth are we top of the league, is dsteer rafa in disguise lol what a dickhead he is,

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      • Wow, you are wound pretty tight today. Is it me? I thought it was just any topic about Liverpool that did that to you. Could I suggest a more sedate hobby, chatting on these boards seems to be raising your stress level.

        I thought Clive posted an interesting hypothetical, but if you can't take the opinions of others, not sure a message board is the right place for you.

      • Lynden mate, cut dsteer some slack.

        Dave is one of the few good men on these boards - take it from me.

        Having read your voiced objections to dsteer poking his nose in on all things Man U, wouldn't it be too boring to have to listen to other people sounding like yourself?

        In my honest opinion, dsteer lends a fresh perspective to the debate as an outsider (Liverpool fan). Even though I personally don't agree with him most of the time, but still you should try and hear him out mate.