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  • redevildetester redevildetester Oct 5, 2009 23:55 Flag

    mr ferguson

    it,s good to that the f.a , are going to investigate fergie, good manager though he is, i,m affraid that he brings m.u.into disrepute at times.
    the ref he abused on saturday was the 4th official at the derby, and he was seen to practically embracing alan wiley. how two faced this man can be!

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    • ...Oh? And that makes all the difference then, does it Lynda?

      Still, I hope the FA throw the book at SAF, it's about time old purple nose and chewy chops got put in his place once and for all...

      ...the man will be thinking he's god next!

      The delusions he gets from hitting the bottle constantly is scary!

    • "However, as far as I know no-one has been prosecuted for these death threats so it isn't known who made them. "
      Fantastic. So tell me, who do you thnk it was then ? United fans ?.

      "The clear implication by Evra that Griffin’s pitchfork gave some reason for concern about Strudwick’s safety is ridiculous."
      I love that bit, why use the word ridicuulous, the only thing that is ridiculous is this report. independent investigation my arse.

    • Oh, for heaven's sake. Lester - read the report! The report was written after an independent investigation. It contains a great deal of factual detail as well as conclusions. Don't imagine for a second that this "therepublikofmancunia" bit of junk is an unbiased summary of it. It isn't, not by a long way. It is to the truth what Socialist Workers rags were to economic commentary.

      I'm not suggesting Anders frisk is a liar. However, as far as I know no-one has been prosecuted for these death threats so it isn't known who made them. I have already said that such action is despicable and inexcusable and to be prosecuted.

      "You had, and as far as I can see still do have, a nasty bunch of idiots in your club"

      In the club? Who are they then? This looks like yet another example where you extrapolate from some idiot fans doing something to CFC being responsible. You really ought to do better than that.

      If you mean there are some nasty idiots who support Chelsea I don't doubt you are right. I'd be surprised if there weren't nasty idiots supporting all the big clubs. Whether this is true or not I don't know what Chelsea should do about it that they aren't already doing. And I certainly don't hear sensible criticism - constructive or otherwise - from you. Just unsupported allegations and gross over-generalisations and exaggerations.


    • oh doesnt it now, ok then. read this
      what does "those who make claims" mean ??. Your fans, only a few years ago, made death threats to a ref as a result of the lies your manager told. Is anders frisk a liar ?.
      You had, and as far as I can see still do have, a nasty bunch of idiots in your club, and you think it's just normal. It's not robert,.

    • It's for those who make claims to justify them. So is that confirmation that you do not wish to claim that current Chelsea staff are racist?

      As for the Evra incident, read the report. It doesn't support the spin you still want to put on it in your ignorance.


    • okykoky robert. I'll stop insinuating that the Evra incident wasn't just too suspicious for a club with your history, if you'll stop trying to make out that Chelsea's record in this respect isnt an order of magnitude worse than most other clubs.
      Deal ?

    • "I'm not alleging anything Robert,"

      Okay, let's test this. You have several times, I believe, claimed that *current* Chelsea staff are racist. So either:

      (i) tell me I've got the wrong end of the stick and you don't wish to claim that any Chelsea staff are racist or

      (ii) provide some evidence.


    • "all the things you allege", I'm not alleging anything Robert, Anders Frisk and Paul Canoville are doing the alleging.
      You said you'd never heard of chelsea having a shite reputation among black people. Have you ever spoken to any who were about in the 80s or even early 90s ? It was only when you pulled down that dump of a ground of yours that things improved. Having a black manager and then employing a whole bunch of black players hasnt done any harm either. We all know a massive section, by far the majority, of Chelsea's support is made up of the David Badeil type with a man united complex of which you are a class A representative. But as you readily admit, letting slip you're a united fan at stamford bridge could seriously effect your health. Even wearing a joke t shirt wouldnt be a good idea. Do you really think the same would happen at OT ?.
      And the beckham sending off was over 10 years ago while I am at it.

    • I've just come across this.

      "Frisk retired from football because you lot threatened to kill him"

      Let me make it clear that I regard any threats coming Chelsea fans, or anyone else, to Frisk or any other referee as totally disgusting and abhorrent, and should be chased down and prosecuted by the authorities. I can't be responsible for the behaviour of other Chelsea supporters but I'm not going to defend any behaviour of this type. And neither is CFC as they made clear at the time. "Supporters" get life bans from Chelsea for far less than this.

      Lester, you say a lot about Chelsea supporters, speaking from your position of expertise as having been to Stamford Bridge at least once in the 1980s. I go there something like a dozen times a season now. In the crowd of 42,000 people (minus the noisy away section) there is representation from all of society. There's the prawn sandwich brigade in the west stand, there's the chicken and chips brigade in the east stand (that's me on a mid-week match), there's the infiltration of the Shed by people who quietly seem to want the other team to win. And there are quite a number of people who I really wouldn't want to meet down a dark alleyway, even with my Chelsea shirt on, people who look like the bouncer on X-factor but not quite as good looking and plainly without the same intellect.

      Now, you'll probably tell me they are all racist thugs as you seem to think that that characterises the Chelsea crowd. Well, if they are I can tell you that they don't exercise their racism and thuggery inside the ground. Chelsea has a zero-tolerance policy to any bad bahaviour in the ground - and they really do. I have seen people thrown out for merely not returning the ball to the field or cheering when the other team scored. Any suggestion of individuals going over the top with their commentary or throwing things (even celery) and they are hauled out.

      It is for this reason that I have been happy to take my children there since they were small, not to mention someone else who has been the subject of another debate.

      So you can carry on slagging off the Chelsea of old for all the things you allege happened back then. But I can tell you that this characterisation of Chelsea just does not match what I see today. If the Chelsea crowd is any more racist or thuggish than any other club's supporter base (and at present this is just an unsupported allegation from you) then you really ought to recognise that CFC does a good job of controlling this element. It is not clear to me what more CFC could do and I certainly haven't seen any suggestions from you.


    • A more detailed coverage of Frisk affair in here I see, except from Robert who runs away from it after his usual anti-united rant.
      Hey Roberto, Frisk retired from football because you lot threatened to kill him as a direct result of you manager's lies, how the hell can you compare it with this ?.

      Chelsea fans a bunch of nazi-esque wankers ??, what a shocking allegation. Anyone would think it was a stinking little shed 15 years ago that they could never fill.

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