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  • Clive Clive Oct 11, 2009 03:56 Flag

    fergie apologises to wiley

    Apologising to Wiley may have been right but I really wish he would not have done so to the FA, he later said he hopes the issues he mentioned will be dealt with, so if he believed in what he was saying why apologise to the FA?
    If the FA don't like managers making such coments they should ensure that managers are not tackled about the game until they have had time to clear their heads, 5 minutes after a game is not enough to carm down and if the ref has made a huge difference then the manager has the right to comment, everyone else does, so why not the manger?

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    • im with you on this clive, if a manager thinks the ref got it wrong they should be able to say so, but in a controlled manner, which again, would be after the game has dies down, as players and managers are still pumped up 5 minutes after a game. managers sometimes lose their jobs for mistakes made by officials, cup finals are lost by wrong decisions, so refs should be stood up and counted too, but in the light of the respect campaign, fergie overstepped the mark, shame really as he had a point.

      should former ref dermot gallagher not be given a dressing down tho as he said fergie should not criticise his employees,which to me was questioning wiley,s integrity rather than having a swipe at fergie.

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      • In all honesty, Fergie was totally out of order and shouldn't have said what he said about Wiley in public - wrong! wrong!! wrong!!

        Fergie effectively calls into question Wileys' ability to continue refereeing which is a very serious charge indeed. We should put ourselves in Wiley's shoes. That was a very hurtful remark and unwarranted under the circumstances. We have seen far worse refereeing in favour of Fergie's team in the past without complain from Fergie, why now?